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20 Reasons Why Central College Is The Best School On Earth

Ask anyone on Central College’s campus who loves this school the most, and more than likely their answer will be my name. More often than not my catch phrase is just yelling, “I love Central College!” Why do I love my school so much? Maybe because it’s located in the cutest town in Iowa. Maybe it’s because this school has given me so many great opportunities. There are so many reasons I could rattle off, but here are my top 20 reasons Central College is the greatest school on earth.

1. Central’s Homecoming

Central’s Homecoming is second to none when considering the Lemming Race.The thrill of the homecoming football game is matched by the fun of reuniting with friends and family during all the festivities. One of the most beloved activities is the Lemming Race. Any student or faculty who wants to can meet at the campus library around 6 pm and run a race all the way to the campus pond. There, the runners get a sweet rush of adrenaline as they jump into the pond, make their way to the island in the middle of the small body of water, and sing the CUI fight song. To top it all off, everyone is in their silliest costumes.

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If you’ve never even heard of these almond filled goodies, you are missing out. Made at our very own local Jaarsma’s bakery, Dutch Letters are a treat that tastes like home to Central alumni.

3. Central College Athletics

There’s something special about being a Division 3 athlete and Central College truly knows the meaning of being on a team. Our long tradition of athletic excellence includes 11 NCAA championships. And let’s not forget the coaches — since 1974 Central coaches have been honored 132 times as Iowa Conference Coach of the Year.

4. Lake Red Rock

Just minutes away, the lake has provided generations of students a place to swim, cook out, and enjoy nature.

5. Tulip Time

Tulip Time is a chance to sample some poffertjies, try Dutch dancing, and — if you’re a student — wave to tourists as they take wagon tours past campus. I’ve even gotten the honor to sit next to the 2015 Tulip Queen in class.

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6. The Love of “Gennis”

Students love the sport of Gennis. Known elsewhere as “urban golf” or “campus golf,” gennis is played with golf clubs and tennis balls. Don’t hit it into the pond though, fishing a ball out of there can get pretty cold!

7. The Study Abroad Program

The study abroad program is amazing. Over half the upperclass student body travel to London, Germany, or even Spain to expand their studies. Since 1965, students have packed their bags and headed off to study in the midst of another culture.

8. The Baby Goslings

The campus gets visited by Canadian geese every spring and more often than not, students get to see the cutest goslings along with them.

9. The Networking

You can make great connections! This comes from a very personal experience. Central College doesn’t necessarily have a journalism program, but I have been connected to an internship in my desired field already and I am only a sophomore! With the small class sizes I am able to connect with my professors and others associated with the college so easily.

10. The Central College Fight Song

Singing the Central College fight song after every victory is the greatest feeling. Singing “CUI” after a win is a recent, but cherished football tradition, started in 2004. HOO RAH!

11. Coach Jones

He is just the coolest dude you’ll ever meet. (In my opinion.)

12. Caramel Bars

Sweet, gooey, slightly crunchy, they’re a favorite at Central Market and campus events.

13. Freshman Eating With Professors

First year students get to eat dinner with their professors and other classmates. During the students’ first weekend on campus, they’re invited to dinner with faculty, staff and alumni. In small groups, they learn firsthand what it means to belong to the Central family. Some hosts make students welcome in their homes, serving a meal with their families.

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14. Central College Is SO Green

We’re committed to sustainability, and our campus features multiple LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified buildings, including a platinum LEED rating for the Roe Center in 2010.

15. Breakfast Of Champions

Students actually get to eat a breakfast of champs. What’s better the night before finals than doughnuts at midnight, served by faculty and staff? Nothing, that’s what.

16. Our Dining Hall

You’ll get a kick out of what we call our dining hall…The old acronym for Central University of Iowa Food Service (CUIFS) is just way easier to say as a nickname.

17. Under Armour Gear For Days

Since 2013, the brand has been the official outfitter of the Dutch, and we’re the first Iowa college or university to become an Under Armour school.

18. The Spring Fling

It’s boat races in the pond. It’s Lip Sync Contests between classmates. It’s a tradition to welcome spring with a few days of revelry.

19. The Dances

The dances are so fun. You don’t need to make plans because the Central Activities Board makes them for you! There’s always a Homecoming dance, a Halloween dance, and a glow in the dark dance to end finals.

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20. You Will Form A Family

Whether you’re a student, graduate, faculty or staff member, community partner, parent or friend, you are a valued part of the Central family.

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Did you enjoy reading reasons why Central College is the greatest school on earth? Comment below and share any other reasons why it is so great!
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Elizabeth Randall

Libbie is a sophomore at Central College in Iowa where she is majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Writing. Libbie grew up around sports, but loves anything that has to do with fashion and makeup. She has been a small-town girl all her life and hopes to one day move to a big city to pursue her passions in journalism.

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