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20 Realizations All Recent Graduates Have

20 Realizations All Recent Graduates Have

Congratulations! You’ve made it through 4 years of college and you’ve managed to survive. Some of you may feel sad and worried about what comes next, while others are probably excited and ready to move on. Nonetheless, you will forever remember the experiences and people you met over the past years…the good and the bad, and whether you’ve realized it yet or not; you are about to enter the real world. That’s right, the real world. Here are 20 other realizations all recent graduates can relate to.

1. Wait…student discounts are now a thing of the past?

Unless, of course, you’re going to grad school – you lucky ones get to milk the “student” title a little while longer.

2. You can’t just swing by your friend’s place anymore.

Because you no longer live super close. At least not 1 dorm building away close.


3. Sleeping the day away after a crazy night out is no longer an option.

You’re actually going to have real people obligations now.

4. You also can’t just go out any day of the week.

Because skipping work is not like skipping class.

5. Family get-togethers are going to be the worst.

Because everyone just harps on what your life plans are.


6. All this time, you never truly knew what “responsibility” was.

You thought you had a lot of responsibilities in college; yeah right.

7. Having pizza for every meal of the day is not acceptable.

8. You can’t just roll out of bed and grab something to eat before work…

…in pajamas.

9. Writing cover letters and resumes for job applications is basically a full time job in itself.

10. You really miss your college house or apartment.

But you know it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.


11. Bills. Suck.

Oh…and student loans.

12. But now you have a degree!

Which means you qualify for jobs you’re actually interested in…and can help pay off those student loans.

13. A normal work day feels like it will never end.

Remember when you had three classes a day, each separated by a couple hours spent lounging in the dorm or eating lunch on the green?  Full-time jobs aren’t like that. It’s going to feel like a never-ending day.

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14. Taxes? What are those?

15. You realize you should probably start setting goals for yourself.

And prioritizing correctly.

16. The cash flow from the parents seems to have disappeared.

That’s right, you are a working adult now.


17. There’s more to do during the day besides binge-watching Netflix.

Crazy, I know.

18. Living back home with mom and dad doesn’t sound like the worst idea ever.

At least until you’ve figured out your next set of plans.

19. You aren’t as “clean” as you thought you were.

You can’t really get away with leaving dirty laundry and dishes around for weeks on end anymore.


20. You are a recent graduate.

This means you still have time to get your life in order…BUT you probably shouldn’t use this excuse a year or two from now!

What other realizations do recent graduates have? Share in the comments below!

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