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20 People Who Have a Worse Roommate Than You Do

20 People Who Have a Worse Roommate Than You Do

Have you ever wondered if your roommate is really all that bad? For some people, they do wonder. As we get ready to go back to school, whether you are living in the dorms or in an apartment, just remember that your roommate is probably not as bad as others! Don’t believe us? Keep reading for 20 people who probably have a worse roommate than you do!

1. The one who scares the living daylights out of you!

Imagine if you had to walk into the bathroom and this was staring at you…

2. The one who has no sense of respect for others’ belongings.

No explanation needed.



3. The roommate who thinks that they are just the ultimate prankster.

Well I guess this person isn’t laying in their bed anytime soon! Unless they are okay with water going everywhere with every step they take.

4. The lazy roommate who never does anything.

The least he could have done was ask if they needed help with anything…

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5. The roommate who is kind of, really gross.

What!? I guess sometimes someone’s urine needs to be kept cold…?

6. The roommate who is always out to seek revenge.

I guess someone really hated their roommate!


7. The roommate who is obsessed with aluminum foil.

8. The one who doesn’t know how to use the garbage can.

9. The one who steals everyone’s food.

10. The one who doesn’t know how to wash their dishes.

11. The roommate with some questionable reading choices.

Nothing to fear right?

12. The roommate who has to remind themselves to take a shower.

13. The one who can’t stand when you leave the door unlocked.

14. The one that will do anything to avoid doing homework.

15. The one who uses innovative beauty remedies.

16. Someone who pees in your bed and then quotes movies to apologize.

17. The one who thinks Halloween should be every day.

18. The one who doesn’t put a new toilet paper roll on.

19. The one who knows how to use Photoshop.

20. The one who has an interesting way of getting their point across.

Just remember, your roommate could always be worse! Do you have any roommate horror stories? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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