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20 Party Dresses Under $40

As the holidays round the corner, it’s time we start gearing up for all the seasonal parties that lay ahead. While some of these parties will be casual (I’m looking at you ugly Christmas sweater), others will be much more formal, like the highly anticipated NYE celebration. As your schedule starts filling up, the need for new party dresses begins to take precedence on your to-do list…which might not be good news for your wallet. Or so you thought! After a little hunting around the Internet, we’ve compiled 20 HOT dresses that are all under $40!

Sequin Party Dresses

If you’re looking for something that will grab everyone’s attention as soon as you step through the door, than you’ll probably want to go the sequinned route.



Lace Party Dresses

If glitter isn’t exactly your thing – lace provides a more subtle touch that will still turn heads…all night long.



Daring Party Dresses

For a real show-stopper ensemble, opt for dresses with gravity defying necklines or risque (but still classy) cutouts.



A-Line Party Dresses

If you’re going for a more elegantly adorable look, a-line (or skater) dresses are definitely the way to go.


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And ladies, let’s be real, you can NEVER go wrong with the right LBD.



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