20 Mississippi State Dorm Rooms That Will Inspire You

Decorating your dorm room can be a little stressful. But here is a list of Mississippi State dorm rooms that will give you a lot of inspiration!

Do you need inspiration for decorating your dorm room at Mississippi State? Well, look no further! All of the inspiration you need is right here and I have pictures to prove it. Hopefully you can get some ideas off of these dorm rooms! In no particular order, here are 20 amazingly decorated Mississippi State dorm rooms that will definitely inspire you!

1. Cresswell Hall

The curtains and the headboards really liven this dorm room up, plus it makes it look more homey and spacious.

2. Hathorn Hall

The fabric above the bed serves as a cute cover for a good night’s rest and makes it feel more private!


3. Oak Hall

This is the room of Emily Pschidoga, who has given me permission to use her picture, and I’m glad she did! Look how functional and cute the table for the Keurig is!

4. Sessums Hall

The paw print pillows on the futon just drew me in! I love that they brought their school
spirit into their dorm room!

5. Oak Hall

Abbie LeAnne Pruett put together this totally cute, pink, gold, and white theme! The drawers next to her bed are super functional and adorable!


6. Hurst Hall

If your favorite color is yellow, this is the dorm for you!

7. Hurst Hall

The aura of this Mississippi State dorm room is so homey and comfortable! Plus, I am loving the idea of placing the couch in between the beds.

8. Hull Hall

I adore the coordination between roommates! It is perfectly in sync!


9. Oak Hall

Alyssa Myers went retro with the record player on the cubbies and chic with the white beachy theme.

10. Sessums Hall

One tip on how to survive college: have a wall full of inspirational quotes in your room.

11. Oak Hall

You can’t go wrong with neutral colors!


12. Nunnelee Hall

I’m loving this rustic theme for this Mississippi State dorm room! The wooden headboard just pulls the whole room together!

13. Hurst Hall

You are never too old to bring stuffed animals to school.

14. Moseley Hall

The blue and silver just flow so well with each other! It’s metallically fantastic!


15. Magnolia Hall

I’m so jealous of this bulldog portrait!

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16. Ruby Hall

Wow, this is so chic! I mean just look at that desk chair!


17. Oak Hall

Taking a picture with your roomie after decorating your Mississippi State dorm is a must!

18. Nunnelee Hall

My favorite piece in this room is definitely the hanging photo holders! Like, how cute and decorative!

19. Oak Hall

If you are looking to save money on wall decorations, grab a tapestry and some Christmas lights and you’re all set!


20. Magnolia Hall

A perfect idea for wall corners!


Do you know of any other Mississippi State dorm rooms that should be on the list!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: Instagram