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20 Hilarious Things College Students Do When They’re Broke AF

20 Hilarious Things College Students Do When They’re Broke AF

As broke college students, we’ve come to learn how to get by using the resources we have, and implementing some tricky ways to take advantage of anything FREE. Free t-shirts, free food, free advice – we’ll take it. All broke college students can attest that, at one point or another, they’ve probably done one (or all) of these 20 things…

1. Become really good at finding free food.

2. Live vicariously through friend’s Snapchats.

3. Memorize the cheapest alcohol options at every local package store.


4. Walk or bike…everywhere.

5. Ask to carpool in all situations.

6. Use nickels, dimes and pennies to pay for essentials – like pizza.

7. Peruse Craigslist for “odd jobs” to make extra cash. And then quickly regret it.

8. Wash and re-use plastic fast food utensils.

9. Scroll through Instagram with a sense of jealousy and simultaneous awe.

10. Wash laundry at their parents’ house.


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11. Know exactly how far their car can go once it hits “E.”

12. Create multiple email accounts to maintain free trials.

13. Consider dollar menu french fries a legitimate substitute for $4 broccoli.

14. Carry their student ID with them at all times to catch as many discounts as possible.

15. Never miss a party…because free food and alcohol.

16. Attempt DIY ideas, and then laugh at the miserably failed attempts.

17. Give blood for the free snacks.

18. Build  wardrobes around free t-shirts from campus events.

19. Wait until the first week of classes to decide if they really NEED textbooks.

20. Fill their online shopping carts with a ton of items no broke college student could ever afford.

One day, my fellow broke college students…one day.

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