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20 Frat Party Ideas That Are Beyond Awesome

20 Frat Party Ideas That Are Beyond Awesome

College is a great time to reinvent who you were in high school and also continue to learn and discover new parts of yourself. The many parts of college allow us to do these things in different ways. Some take up interesting classes to learn something completely outside of their major. Others like to participate in extracurricular activities and fill their weekends with volunteering or sight seeing. And some new college students like to delve right into the party scene, or more specifically, greek life, or more commonly known as fraternities and sororities. Greek life has many things to offer like involvement in philanthropy, a group of lifelong friends and more traditionally, their amazing parties. Frat parties are a great way of meeting new people, having fun with your friends and dressing up for themed parties. Read on to find some of the best frat party ideas you need to plan or attend that are beyond awesome, your whole campus will be raging about them for weeks.

1. Hawaiian Theme

The Hawaiian theme has always been a party favorite, and not just for a fraternity party theme. Break out the leis, hula skirts and coconut bras, because you are about to be entering some major tropical vibes. You can choose to go all out with this theme or you can just wear a simple sundress, skirt or oversized t-shirt with some leis. Just keep the energy beachy, colorful and fun!


2. Toga Party

The Greek wedding is also another college frat party favorite where a girl from a sorority and a boy from a fraternity get fake “married.” The garb party-goers typically go for is a simple sheet worn around their bodies with a leave crowns and flowers in the hair.

3. Jungle Theme

Jungle theme is another fun frat party idea that allows you to experiment with color. Go crazy with the animal prints or the camouflage and black paint under your eyes. You can wear anything from cheetah print to zebra to anything animal-related, really.


4. ‘80s Theme

The ‘80s theme is also a fun theme to dress up for and somehow everyone’s favorite decade-themed party decade. To sport an ‘80s workout attire where bright colored everything from the tights, to the shorts, the leg warmers, the leotard and the scrunchie. Wear your hair in big fluffy curls and swipe on some pastel eyeshadow for the full ‘80s effect.

5. Risky Business

A Risky Business themed frat party is perhaps the most comfortable party you will go to because all it requires you to wear is a large, oversized, white button down shirt, long white socks and dark shades. 


6. Fire and Ice

Fire and ice is a great frat party theme because it leaves room for interpretation for the clothes you may wear or the decorations that may be put up. For the fire theme you could wear red clothing like a fire engine red tank top or bright red shoes. You could also experiment with yellow and orange accessories or garments if you want to be creative. For the ice theme, stick to colors like blues and whites that go with a colder feel. You could wear a blue puffer jacket or a cool white cutout crop top. A diamond belt might also be cool for the “icy” theme.

7. Jersey Theme

The jersey theme is a got-to theme for most fraternities because it is easy, comfortable to move around in and almost everyone has some type of jersey for the most part. Just throw on your favorite team’s jersey for an oversized t-shirt look, some comfortable sneakers, and you have your party attire.

8. Pajama Theme

The pajama theme is also a very comfortable frat party theme that is beyond awesome. You can leave the party and jump right into bed after you have spent a long night out.  


9. Tie Dye Theme 

The tie dye theme is also an all time classic for any party frat and non-frat. Wear any piece of clothing tie dye or hippie themed to perfect this party look and go crazy with the color because in the ‘70s, this is what it was all about.


10. Blackout

The black out is also a frat party theme that is a tradition really at any one you go to and is easy and simple to be a part of. You can literally wear anything you please as long as it is black so comfort is key here.  

11. Whiteout

The whiteout theme can also be achieved just as easily as the blackout theme can be with any white attire that you find suitable, which will make you glow all around in dark lighting. 


12. Foam Party

A foam party is fun especially during the warmer months and in an outdoor space. Wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet in because you will be soaking by the end of the night. Try wearing items like oversized t-shirts, nude colored undergarments and old sneakers.


13. Neon Theme 

The neon theme is a fun theme to try out in darker rooms because the room will be lit up with all different colors that glow, sort of giving off a rave vibe. Incorporating glow sticks can also make the party a glow in the dark neon party.

14. ABC Party

An ABC themed party or “Anything But Clothes” themed party is definitely one of the more creative party ideas because it allows you to create your outfit on your own without throwing on your classic crop top and jeans. To an ABC party you can wear anything from soda cans to a garbage bag as long as it is not normal clothes.

15. Halloween Party

The Halloween frat parties only come around one time a year but are some of the best because they are the craziest costume parties where everyone is dressed up and it is fun to guess who or what everyone is.

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16. Under the Sea

An under the sea party is everything ocean related with lots of blue, bubbles and bikinis. Some may choose to wear Hawaiian shirts or silly things like flippers. 


17. Casino Night

Casino night can also be a fun theme if the attendees are willing to dress up a little. Red carpets, money and dice everywhere is what comes to mind when picturing casino night. Wear things like slinky dresses and lots of gold bling.


18. Christmas Party

Again, a theme like this only comes around once a year but can be a party to look forward to. Wear ugly Christmas sweaters or anything red and green.

19. Bad and Boujee

Bad and boujee is anything flashy and bold. Think gold jewelry, diamonds, bold prints and anything that screams hip hop or rap star.


20. Come as You Are

The come as you are parties are perhaps the best ones because they allow you to wear really anything you. Come just rolled out of bed or with a crop top and smokey eye. There is no judgement to be made here.

There are hundreds of frat party ideas out there. The key is to be creative and get involved in as much of it as you can. This will be the only time in your life to dress like a different person or thing every day of the week!


Which frat party themes were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!