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20 Dresses Perfect for Your Sorority Formal

20 Dresses Perfect for Your Sorority Formal

The countdown for your sorority winter formal begins. Do you know what you are going to wear? Below we give you 20 different dresses that can easily adjust to your style. Depending on the formality, you can also wear some of these pieces to many other holiday parties of the season!


Want to stand out? These dresses are a great way to do just that. Whether you go with a short or long piece, try to mix it up with simple and classy accessories. Also, wear neutral colored shoes and bag – the focus should be on your dress.




Long and sexy

These long dresses offer a sexy option for your sorority formal. Try to stick to one color to pull the look off in a very chic way. Long dresses give other parts of your body (besides your legs) time to shine – so don’t be afraid to show a little cleavage, back or shoulders. A plus to long dresses is that they can be very comfortable; a necessity for your long night ahead!


Contemporary Rhinestone-Embellished Maxi Dress    fame5


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Playful and short

If you are going for a more playful look, these pieces are a great choice to show off those legs!


 Contemporary Sequined Shift Dress

Two piece

Want to show off those abs you’ve been working on all year? Wear a two piece! Whether short or long, these dresses really draw the attention to your waist. Complete your look with a strappy pair of heels!



Sequel Red Two-Piece Dress       Belgravia Velvet Two Piece

Top image source: Fame and Partners