20 DIY Halloween Decorations to Dress Up Your Dorm

It’s always fun to decorate for Halloween! But if you are in a dorm, it might seem a little tricky to decorate. Have no fear, DIY is here! Check out these 20 awesome and super doable DIY Halloween decorations to dress up your dorm!

1. Ghosts and Bats Garland

Not only is this craft extremely cute, it is super easy to hang in your dorm! (Just make sure you don’t wrap it around any pipes in your room so you don’t get written up.)

Find instructions for this garland here!

2. Chic Skull

If you’re not as into scary as you are chic, this is the perfect DIY for you! Minimal effort, and your Halloween decor will look chic AF.

Find instructions for this chic skull here!

3. Candy Corn Banner

You probably already have paper plates in your dorm room, so this is a great dorm room craft! (Bonus: it is super quick to do, too.)

Find instructions for this candy corn banner here!

4. Skull Vase

This DIY is super cool, and if you’re into this look you could totally leave it up year-round! Perfect for a pencil holder.

Find instructions for this skull vase here!

5. Foam Chains

Pretty much all you need for this craft is a pool noodle! Get your friends involved, and you can make endless chains.

Find instructions for these chains here!

6. Ghost Jugs

This is another one of the DIY Halloween decorations that require materials you definitely already have! Just save up your water jugs and you’ll be good to go.

Find instructions for these ghost jugs here!

7. Little Mummy

How cute is this? Create a bunch of mummies and hand them out to your friends on the floor!

Find instructions for this little mummy here!

8. Vampire Door Mat

This adorable door mat is spooky, and pretty easy to pull off! Plus, you’ll get to show off your DIY skills to everyone who passes your door.

Find instructions for this vampire door mat here!

9. Yarn Pumpkins

Adorable and affordable. Your room will look great with these yarn pumpkins!

Find instructions for these pumpkins here!

10. Spooky Mason Jars

Everyone loves a good mason jar craft, especially a Halloween one. Make these to decorate your dorm or gift them out to your friends!

Find instructions for these spooky mason jars here!

11. Candy Corn Bottles

These are pretty, and will look amazing on your desk. Luckily for you, all you really need are a couple bottles and some spray paint.

Find instructions for these candy corn bottles here!

12. Water Bead Vases

Water beads are so much fun to play this, so you’ll definitely love this DIY! You can also reuse these beads after Halloween is over, which is a fun bonus.

Find instructions for these water bead vases here!

13. Spooky Bottles

Do you have some empty wine bottles laying around? (We thought you might!) Put them to good use with these adorably spooky bottles.

Find instructions for these spooky bottles here!

14. Eye Wreathe

So creepy, but so fun. Freak out your friends with this fun decoration.

See Also

Find instructions for this eyeball wreathe here!

15. Blinged Out Pumpkin

This craft looks like you spent hours on it, but trust us: it’s so easy! And it’s so cute.

Find instructions for this blinged out pumpkin here!

16. Fanged Pumpkins

These pumpkins are a little creepy, but also strangely adorable. Your floormates will love their fangs!

Find instructions for these fanged pumpkins here!

17. Mummy Jars

This craft will literally take you about 10 minutes. And they’re so fun, you may just want to leave them up after Halloween is over.

Find instructions for these mummy jars here!

18. Mini Pinata

Decorate your room with these little pinatas, or hand them out to friends. They are just as fun to destroy as they are to make!

Find instructions for these mini pinatas here!

19. Yarn Garland

This craft is one of the easiest DIY Halloween decorations on the list. Easy, cheap, and perfect for a dorm!

Find instructions for this yarn garland here!

20. Spider Door

Maybe not the best choice of craft if your roommate hates spiders. Still a totally spooky Halloween decoration, though!

Find instructions for this spider door here!

Which of these DIY Halloween decorations is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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