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20 Cute Small Front Porch Decor Ideas

20 Cute Small Front Porch Decor Ideas

Most of the time when we think about home decor, we think about what’s going on inside. It’s easy to forget that the outside matters too! Here are 20 cute, small front porch decor ideas to enhance your home’s curb appeal!

1. Painted Door

One way to make your front porch pop is to paint your door a cute and unusual color. Pastels tend to look best, as do bright colors. The point is to make your front door pop, so be sure to choose a color that contrasts well with the rest of your exterior. A colorful front door will make your home look cheery and inviting!


2. Welcome Mat

No front porch is complete without a welcome mat! Not only does a greeting mat help you by giving your visitors a place to wipe their shoes before they step inside, but it will make your guests feel welcome even before you open the door.

3. Potted Plants

Plants never fail to brighten up any space, even if that space is as small as the few feet between your lawn and your front door. If you’re worried about your plants dying when the weather turns, don’t sweat it! Seasonal plants provide a way to get festive all year long. From flowers in the spring and summer to mini evergreens in the winter, potted plants are sure to bring natural beauty to your front porch.


4. Hanging Plants

Why should the floor get to have all the fun? If you have an awning, try hanging plants from it! They’ll draw the eye up, giving your front porch a cohesive and vertically interesting look that draws the image together. 


5. Wall-Mounted Garden Box

There are so many possibilities for front porch plants. One cute option that works for any building is a wall-mounted garden box. This mini, hanging garden can be a cute offset to a wall-mounted mailbox, underline your address numbers, or stand alone as its own outdoor wall decoration!

6. Layered Doormats

Welcome mats are so great, why stick to just one? Layered doormats are super chic, and look great all year round! Just pick one big doormat with a cute pattern and a smaller doormat with a different but complementary design. Cute outdoor decor couldn’t be easier! 


7. Hanging Welcome Sign

Sometimes it’s nice to put your message at eye level, instead of relying on the doormat. Hang a welcome sign on your door, or mount one on the wall where visitors can see!


8. Standing Welcome Sign

These cute signs are everywhere right now, and they’ll look great on your front porch too! These vertical, standing signs are a simple touch that goes a long way toward making any front porch look put-together and inviting.

10. Lanterns

Whether you hang them by the door or from the awning, lanterns are a great, chic alternative to the traditional wall sconce or porch light. You can also put standing lanterns of varying sizes on the ground by your doormat for another great look that works year-round! Fill them with candles or bunches of fairy lights to make your front porch magical.


Pro-tip: If you spend a lot of time on your front porch in the summer add citronella candles in your open lanterns to keep mosquitos away!

11. Empty Lanterns

Floor lanterns aren’t just good for illuminating your porch. You can also fill empty lanterns with seasonal decorations like flowers, gourds, and holly to lend some year-long coherence to your festive decorations.


12. Potted Trees 

They say the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, and the second-best time is today. There are lots of species of trees that make for great outdoor decor. They can also serve as a base for your festive decorations, as you string them with colored lights, tie ribbons around their trunks, or put smaller seasonal items in their pots!


13. Family Name Sign

Show off your family pride with a customized sign bearing your family name! Hang it on or above your door so everyone visiting knows they’ve made it to the right house!

14. Address Sign

Similar to the family name sign, a sign with your home address is a decoration that is as cute as it is helpful! Make sure to mount it where it can be seen from the street, so your visitors know where to go!


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15. String Lights

You can never, ever go wrong with string lights. Hang them from your awning, wrap them around your columns, or thread them around your ground decorations to add a little touch of magic to your front porch decor.


16. Mini Table

If you have chairs on your front porch, you should definitely consider getting a small table to go with them, so you and your guests can have a place to set your drinks down while you enjoy the fresh air. 

Even if you don’t have chairs, a small table can be used for decorative purposes, adding more levels to your decor so everything isn’t concentrated on the ground!


17. Crates

An alternative to the table which gives you the same effect of elevation is to use crates. Crates are doubly great because you can display smaller decorations on top of the box and in the hollow inside at the same time by turning the crate on its side. They also are a neutral option that will look fantastic all year, while your more festive decorations come and go with the seasons!


18. Door Wreath

These cute classics aren’t just for Christmas time! You can find swanky wreaths for every season and holiday, from spring florals to autumn leaves. For a swanky modern look, try a metal hoop wreath like the one pictured below!

19. Decorative Chair

While rocking chairs will always summon up images of lazy summer evenings out on the front porch, smaller chairs can add a cute decorative touch that complements plants and other decorative items well. Use a mini-chair as a pedestal for a potted plant or pumpkin!


20. Decorative Pillows

If you do have bigger furniture items on your front porch, like rocking chairs or a swinging bench, you should work with what you’ve got! Decorative pillows are an easy way to dress up for existing front porch furniture and integrate them into your overall vision of what you want your exterior to look like. Whether you switch them out seasonally or keep the same ones all year round, decorative pillows are comfy, cute, and inviting!


How do you decorate your front porch? Share your outdoor decor secrets in the comments below!

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