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20 Cute Bed In A Bag Sets You Can Get On Amazon Prime

20 Cute Bed In A Bag Sets You Can Get On Amazon Prime

If you are looking for cute and affordable bedding, then Amazon bedding is the place you need to look! We picked the 20 cutest for all different styles!

As everyone knows, Amazon Prime is any college student’s go-to for books, streaming and various odds and ends one may need. What you didn’t know, though, is that you can find so many bed in a bag sets for your dorm on Amazon Prime. Whether your style is classic or trendy, Amazon bedding is your best bet for a unique space.


Keeping it simple with bedding is key for college students who want to use the same bedding all four years. Solid colors, classic patterns and sleek textures make for versatile bedding for any style.





Pick a bed in a bag set that reflects your bright personality with pinks, purples, florals and bubbly patterns. Decorate with frames, decals or chic desk accessories to bring your room together.




If your style is more desert than rose garden, choose an Amazon bedding set with a paisley or mandala pattern. Muted colors and interesting patterns will look great with a tapestry or cool lighting in your boho space.


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A contemporary chevron or geometric pattern will make your dull space instantly modern. Pick a color scheme that works for you and stick to it to really capitalize on the contemporary feel.



Which Amazon bedding is right for your dorm? Let us know in the comments!

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