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20 Clever Halloween Costumes That Anyone Can DIY

20 Clever Halloween Costumes That Anyone Can DIY

While some go the sexy, underwear-counts-as-a-costume route…others decide to take the more…punny path. These costumes require a bit more thinking (like outside of the box) and usually guarantee a few laughs. The best part about these clever Halloween costumes is that they’re easy to throw together last minute with a few simple items. Here are 20 clever Halloween costumes that are super easy to DIY and should definitely get your creative juices flowing.

1. Holy Cow

As in, “holy cow that costume is awesome!”

So many clever Halloween costumes!



2. Oh Dear

And “oh dear, your costume might surpass mine!”


3. Hawaiian Punch

An actual bottle of Hawaiian Punch makes for a great chaser too.



4. Party Animal

You can literally be whatever animal you want, just as long as you throw on a party hat!



5. French Kiss

Très clever!


6. Spice Girls

The best clever Halloween costumes are often the simplest.


7. Trump Card

You probably need a wig for this one (unless you were blessed with Trump’s beautiful do), but a nice twist on what’s sure to be a popular costume this year.



8. Kevin Bacon

I’m Kevin Bacon.


9. Fork in the Road

Too easy.



10. Cross Walk Sign

Alright, this one’s pretty literal, but it made me laugh.



11. The White and Gold (…or Black and Blue) Dress

Grab one of your girlfriends and one of you wear a white dress, one wear a blue, and be sure to reassure everyone all night that they are actually the same color.


12. Blue Ivy and Bee-yonce

It’s like this family was named for Halloween’s sake.

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13. Dust Bunny

A pair of bunny ears, a duster and you’re good to go.


14. Spelling Bee

Looks like Bee-yonce’s got some competition…


15. Pigs in a Blanket

This one’s perfect for a chilly Halloween night.



16. Formal Apology

Yeah, sorry for producing such a clever costume!


17. When Life Gives You Lemons…

IDK what happens?


18. Smart Cookie

This one might require a little extra effort on the creativity front, but hey, if you’re a smart cookie I think you can handle it.



19. Blessing in Disguise

Those disguise glasses never get old.


20. Error 404: Costume Not Found

And if all else fails, resort to this.


Do you have any other ideas for clever Halloween costumes? Share in the comments!

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