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20 Chic Decor Items To Instantly Spice Up Your Dorm Room

As August rolls around and the back-to-school sales start popping up, it is hard not to get antsy to go back to school. I was always amped for new Lisa Frank folders and a shiny pair of sneakers, but now that I’m older, I know that moving back to college is way more exciting. Decorating a new space and showing off your personality is so much fun, so I’ve rounded up 20 chic dorm room decor items from Amazon that will make you even more thrilled for move-in day.


For a tasteful way to dress up your drab dorm walls, pick out a few graphic prints. Put them in interesting frames or leave them unframed for a super chic look.


Tapestries are the easiest way to decorate your dorm. They cover a lot of wall space, and quickly make any room look finished. These four are different takes on the usual dorm room tapestry patterns that will look seriously gorgeous in your space.



Throw Pillows

To turn your bed into a focal point of your dorm, grab a few throw pillows. Pick a few in varying shapes or patterns, but stick to a color scheme for a modern look.




For an extra bit of flair, accessorize your dorm. Don’t overcrowd your space, but definitely add a few touches of “you” to the room. Flameless candles, wall decals and throw blankets will all make your space feel more like home.


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What items are you decorating your dorm room with? Let us know in the comments!

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