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20 Amazing UCLA Dorms For Major Decor Inspiration

20 Amazing UCLA Dorms For Major Decor Inspiration

The school year’s almost here, and we all have mixed feelings about that— dreading the classes and yet excited about having freedom from your parents once again. We can’t forget all of those memories you made (or will make if you’re a freshie) in your dorm room, away from home and with your new college friends. And that means it’s also time to treat the place where you spend the most time (whether sleeping, studying, or partying) right; it’s time to decorate your dorm room. You may be feeling lazy and want to forgo all of the bothersome decorations, but here are 20 UCLA dorms to motivate you!

1. Bedding can make or break your room.

Try to invest some money and time into finding a comforter. Sleep is sacred, so you should get some comfy blankets to go along with that.

2. Add posters all across the board.

Post a little personality to your wall and show onlookers what you’re all about.


3. Give the appearance that you’re cultured.

Anything with maps, exotic tapestries, pillows, and paintings works.

4. Minimalism.

Being simple always looks nice and organized.


5. Loft your bed.

You get more space and a personal lounge area.

6. So you can pretend that you are a princess with bed curtains and all.

(I actually did this my first year so I could get more personal space… No shame.)


7. Those white lights…

Go along so well with the tapestry and simple bedding.


8. Lanterns give such a cozy feel.

9. Fuzziness and softness everywhere.

10. Simple yet elegant.

Those hand lettered cards are always a good idea for a personalized touch.

11. Getting those hipster vibes.



12. Photo collage!

You can look at your wall whenever you’re missing home, family, and friends.

13. Another collage idea.

Collect some magazine pictures and print your own to make a unique collage with a catchy saying.

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14. Photo goals.

15. Patterns and prints.

16. Twinsies.

Plan decorating out with your roomie to make your room look put-together (even if it gets messy later on).


17. Nature tapestry and a dream catcher to quench your wanderlust.

18. Immerse yourself in nature.

Using tree branches to hang Polaroids sounds like fun.


19. Fill up those white, empty walls.

20. Simple but very aesthetically pleasing.

Refer back to #4.  Just remember if you’re still feeling lazy, you can still make your room look good without too much decorating; you just have to color coordinate!

Know of any other amazing UCLA dorms to get some inspiration from?! Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: Pinterest