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20 Amazing TCNJ Dorm Rooms For Dorm Decor Inspiration

20 Amazing TCNJ Dorm Rooms For Dorm Decor Inspiration

One of the best parts about moving into your new dorm room is the dorm decor and theme! Here are some TCNJ dorm rooms for some dorm decor inspiration!

One of the best parts about moving into your new college dorm room is getting to decorate, personalize, and transform the room into a creation of your own! Need some tips? Keep reading for a list of 20 TCNJ dorm rooms that will give you the inspiration you need to turn yours into the dorm room of your dreams!

1. Trendy Tapestries

Tapestries are the PERFECT dorm accessories to cover up those super boring white walls! It’s the perfect piece of artwork to tie your whole dorm room together! Try and pick one with colors that are in the color palette of your bedding and you’ll be golden!

2. Picture Perfect

One of the best things about getting to decorate your dorm room is filling it with pictures! By hanging them with some ribbon or having them shaped into the first letter of your name, you’re saving space on your wall while still keeping all of your favorite memories!


3. Soft & Sweet

The best part of TCNJ dorms is the way that we can rearrange the room into whatever layout we like! This adorable room has the bed strategically placed within the alcove of the room, allowing for strings of photos to hang above the head of the bed… genius!

4. Classy & Chic

Having trouble picking out a bedspread? Black and white is definitely the way to go! By keeping the central focus of your room simple, you can mix and match different colors to add and make your bedding unique! This super cute dorm room incorporates a black and white comforter with a pop of red. So classy!

5. Photos Galore

This student created a fantastic wall collage of pictures that is perfect for TCNJ students who always love a constant remind of some of their favorite things and memories! The plants are also a fantastic touch to give the room a more at-home feel!


6. Simply Colorful

Not one to decorate your walls? No problem! This cute and chic dorm inspiration uses patterns and pops of color all throughout the bedding while using simple and smart wall décor! Hanging jewelry on your wall is such a unique way to decorate simply while saving room in the already small space!

7. Prim & Proper

This sweet dorm inspiration shows how far simple decorations can go! The accent pillows are perfect to make your bed really come to life! This room looks perfect to grab a hot cup of tea, a good book, and snuggle up in your home away from home!

8. Dorm Sweet Dorm

Are you not sure how to make your dorm room feel like a true home rather than a, well, dorm room? By simply adding a side table and a lamp to your room, it makes it feel much warmer and inviting, just like home!


9. Look at this Stuff, Isn’t it Neat?

Having a theme for your dorm is a great way to pull it all together! This TCNJ student chose to use a mermaid theme and the room looks great! By incorporating simple accents and decoration items, the room gets an added boost of personality!

10. Ocean Oasis

Who doesn’t love the beach? This chic, shell-inspired room décor is perfect for those who wish it were summer year round! The dream catcher is also a very trendy decoration item and perfect for keeping your nightmares away!

11. Less Is More

Let’s be honest, the first thing that most guys think of when they think about moving into college is not how they are going to decorate it. If that’s the case for you, this room perfectly shows that nice bedding and a few posters may be all you need!


12. Simple & Personable

This TCNJ dorm has so much personality! The blue and green theme, flag hanging above the bed, and puzzle piece-themed décor gives the room a super cool vibe while not packing it with decoration.

13. Calm, Cool & Collected

This room has a super calming vibe to it! The curtains, picture frames, and fake flower vase give the room character while making it feel like a home rather than a dorm room! The cute accent pillow used for the desk chair is both a decoration must-have and a comfort must-have!

14. Decoration Overload

This controlled chaos sure does create one unique room! From the canvases, to the patterned bedding and quotes on the walls, these two TCNJ roommates went all out with their decorations, creating a space that is unique to them!

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15. The Brighter the Better

The brighter, the better! Not only did this TCNJ student incorporate a fun, patterned tapestry, the string of lights gives the room a really unique look! This dorm is the perfect inspiration for those looking to create a super colorful home away from home!

16. Super Cute Study Space

Not only is it important to stylize the area around your bed, but this artistic student chose to transform her desk space into an area that not only houses her books, but her photographs! Adding these pictures and a super cute coffee mug (a MUST have) to your TCNJ desk space is sure to create a more unique feel to your room!


17. Elegance to the Max

The stylish collage of canvases displayed above the bed screams classy in this student’s dorm room. The cute rug on the floor definitely adds to the eye-catching design of this super chic TCNJ dorm! The room gives off a simple, yet elegant vibe and it’s nothing short of amazing!

18. Busy & Bright

Colors and patterns and pictures, oh my! There’s nothing cuter than the way this TCNJ student filled up the empty wall space with printed pictures and trendy canvases! The more personal the dorm room, the better!

19. Pastels to Perfection

So, what’s the key to an eye-catching, bright and colorful room? Coordinating! These two roommates created a space that perfectly meshes pretty pastels into a super inviting room!


20. Simply Sweet

This TCNJ dorm is simple and beautiful! If you are still undecided on what colors to use for you dorm, the combination of navy blue and coral is a match made in color heaven!

What are some other TCNJ dorm rooms that are total decor inspiration!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: Pinterest