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20 Amazing Syracuse Dorm Rooms for Major Dorm Decor Inspo

20 Amazing Syracuse Dorm Rooms for Major Dorm Decor Inspo

Move-in day is coming and you have to have your dorm decor and theme picked out! Here are some Syracuse Dorm Rooms for some serious dorm inspiration!

With Syracuse move-in day quickly approaching, it’s a great time to get those dream-dorm-inspiration juices flowing. This can be tough, especially if you have not been able to visit/visualize your dorm room yet! Take it from the pros. Keep reading for some amazing Syracuse dorm rooms to inspire your room’s look!

1. Tapestries are the perfect balance of chill & cozy.

The tapestry in this dorm creates the a perfect balance between chill and cozy. It’s such a cool, minimalist space, and those happy throw pillows give it a perfect pop of color.

2. A little coral & teal never hurt nobody.

A little coral and teal never hurt nobody. Hang some strings of photographs and add standing letters of your initials to let everyone know whose house- I mean, dorm- it is.


3. Home-Sweet-Home Style

Warm colors with splashes of pink and blue make this room seem more like you’re hanging in your bedroom at home.

4. Who says all guys are slobs?

Who says all guys are slobs?? This guy is clearly keeping it clean with an awesome futon and a well kept closet. We need more people like him. We really do.


5. Tapestry AND adorable string lights #ForTheWin

Again, see how that tapestry does the trick? The whole room went from “blah” to “yah!”. That pretty string of lights is the perfect touch.

6. Warm and cozy vibes.

Man, oh man, if happiness were a dorm, this would be it. The colors are so cheerful, and we can’t forget to mention that Syracuse blanket screaming “Go Orange!!” on the bed.



7. For the ‘Cuse fans.

Who loves Cuse?? This guy loves Cuse. Show your school pride by buying orange blankets, rugs, laundry bags…or a giant banner to hang across your window.

8. Patriotism & Canopies

This dorm in Day Hall is just so dreamy. I’d love to snuggle up under that mosquito net canopy with a cup of tea to write a paper. Did I just say that?? Yes, this dorm could make homework…enjoyable.


9. Less Is More.

This dorm is eclectic and fun, but not overbearing. Dressing the walls with pictures and that map gives it so much character. It’s the perfect little hideaway.

10. Blue, Green, White.

It’s blue, if it were green it would die! This dorm is simplistic, with just a few wall decorations, and, oh, so inviting.

11. A Safe Haven

You make me feel like…I’ve been locked out of Haven with this dorm. I would have no problem hanging out on that beautiful bedspread. You can never have too many throw pillows right? This girl did it right.



12. Black & White never fails.

Black, and white, and, oh, so fabulous. This dorm says, “Yeah I’m comfy-cozy,” and, “Yeah, I’m city-chic,” all at the same time.


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13. Star light, star bright…

Stargazing in Brewster Hall: Star light, star bright, first star I- Oh wait! Those are just some magical lights strung across the ceiling. They really take you to another planet and allow the room to give off the coziest vibes.

14. Stick with the same color pattern themes.

Orange you glad you’re going to Cuse?! This girl sure is. She found the perfect orangey-coral comforter, bed skirt, and pillows to make her dorm lovely, and every Cuse-lover’s dream.


15. Monograms and Lilly Pulitzer, what else do you need?

This girl is brewing up something beautiful in Brewster Hall. If you’re organized, a Lilly Pulitzer lover, and a fan of all things pink, a dorm like this is calling your name. The whole ensemble is just so cheerful and bright, I can’t help but smile.

16. An area throw rug and bed skirts are major key.

This Tri Delta girl living in Watson Hall knows what’s up with bed skirts. They’re the ideal way to hide your one million Cuse sweatshirts and nineteen winter coats.

17. Get creative with whatever dorm room they give you.

Throwback to that time Cuse had to house students in a hotel because of dorm construction. Tough life right? This guy had no problem making the place his with a cool flag and some posters. Just call him Mr. Eloise.


18. Hanging lanterns and warm colors make for the ultimate cozy home-away-from-home.

The hanging lamps in this dorm make it so fun. If I were a Pillow Pet, I’d want to live there, too!

19. DIY personalized dorm decor is the best!

Someone got SUper creative by making an S-shaped collage out of photographs. It’s the perfect touch to this fresh, simplistic room.

20. The picture “clothesline”, the lighting, the bedspread…what’s not to love?

“I’ll Be There for You,” too if you decorate my dorm as well as this one in Lawrinson Hall. American flag bedspread? Can’t beat it. Friends poster? I’m coming over to Netflix and chill…it’s a verb now.

What are some other awesome Syracuse dorm rooms for major dorm decor inspo? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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