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20 Amazing Penn State Dorm Rooms for Dorm Decor Inspiration

Living in Penn State dorm rooms (especially if it’s your first time) is not only exciting, but can also make you slightly homesick. Like many schools, it is difficult at first adjusting to an unfamiliar new “home.” These amazing Penn State dorm rooms are sure to provide major decor inspiration, and will help you turn your own Penn State dorm rooms into your home away from home!

1. Try a simple yet classic Black & White Chic theme!

This room is not only color coordinated, but also very chic!

2. Incorporate cozy accents for extra “homey” dorm decor inspiration.

Utilize the built in shelf next to your bed to add cozy pillows and artwork!

Copy this look:

3. Color coordinate with your roomie!

These roomies did a great job of coordinating their sides of the room without having a completely matching space!

Copy this look:

4. Monogram it out.

Let your friends know which side is yours by adding your monogram or initials.

(Bonus – the chalkboard is perfect for writing your daily memos!)

Copy this look:

5. Light it up!

Add some lights around your bed/the entirety of your room to give yourself soft lighting when you aren’t in the mood for the harsh dorm lights. Check out this awesome tutorial to make your own glow lights!

Copy this look:

6. Loft your beds.

Put the fridge, microwave and TV under one bed while the other bed has a chair or small futon to create a fun hang out space!

Copy this look:


7. Add extra storage.

Penn State dorm rooms are pretty small, so add storage above your bed like this person did to create extra space and also add something cute and different to your room!

8. Keep your friends close.

Use the wall space next to your bed to make a collage of all your home friends and memories, so if you’re ever feeling homesick you can look to your side and there they are!

9. Keep it simple.

You don’t need a million decorations to express who you are through your side of the room. Less is more!

Copy this look:


10. Tapestries, tapestries, tapestries.

Hang a tapestry over the blank white wall next to your bed or on your ceiling!

Copy this look:

11. Cute rugs really bring the room together.

Put a rug down that hides the cold, hard floor and also adds a comfy place for your friends to hang. It also makes the room less institutional.

12. Show your Penn State pride.

Take after this vintage Penn State dorm room and add some PSU art throughout your room- so you never forget that you go to the best school on earth.

13. Like #6 – storage is major key.

Loft your beds but this time add storage underneath to create a clutter free room.

Copy this look:

See Also

14. Jazz up your desk!

Make your desk a place that you actually want to work at…

Copy this look:

15. DIY projects (such as this canopy) are always a fun way for some personal dorm decor inspiration !

Create your own bed canopy from old curtains or try any other DIY projects! Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make your own canopies!

16. Add some privacy.

Add a bed skirt and desk chair cover to add some extra privacy for your storage and desk belongings.

Copy this look:

17. Keep a consistent theme going!

This cool room has an ocean theme that translates from the bedding to the artwork on the wall.

Copy this look:

18. Add some cool throw pillows.

Someone may have the same bedspread as you, but you can make your bed unique by adding different pillows from different places to create a combination that no one else will have.

19. Move your beds.

If you want to add more space, or create a unique room, your beds can be moved!

20. Bring some life in!

Add some baby house plants to add some light and life into your tiny space.

Copy this look:

Which one of these Penn State dorm rooms is your favorite? Comment below and share this article with friends!

Featured image: Pinterest

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Katie Frank

Katie is a communications major at Penn State. She likes to keep it short and sweet!

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