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20 Amazing Ole Miss Dorm Rooms for Major Dorm Décor Inspiration

Decorating your dorm room is an important aspect of dorm life.  It is a way to help you feel more at home in our home away from home.  Many people struggle to think of décor ideas, especially in such a small room that comes with several restrictions set by Ole Miss, but have no fear, Ole Miss Dorm Rooms décor inspiration is here!

1. Some people match their dorm décor with their roommate…

…which leads to a beautifully put together, clean, and cute-looking room.

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2. Or you can just color coordinate with your roommate.

This makes your room a bit more personalized because you don’t have to have the exact same colors on both beds, but the style of everything still matches.

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3. Beds can be moved.

This gives you the ability to arrange your room the way you want.

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4. Lofting beds provides extra ground space.

You can use that space for a futon or chairs for extra seating.  Extra seating gives you the ability to sit somewhere other than your bed or desk chair.

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5. Loft one bed and create a little private space underneath, complete with curtains.

Sometimes you need your own little space to think, do work, or just relax and this arrangement by Decor 2 Ur Door is a perfect solution!

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6. Turn your bed into a couch!

Put a headboard on the side of your bed and stack the pillows against it to make a more couch-like appearance.

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7. Buy or build a bedside table to put between the beds that has a compartment for your refrigerator and microwave.

This saves some space because it is like a two-in-one bedside table.  Also, it is great for midnight snacks because you won’t have to go very far!

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8. Put a bedside table with cabinets or drawers in between the beds.

Storage is very important, so this allows extra space for anything else you need to be stored.

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9. Personalize your room using monograms!

Not only are monograms in style, they are also the perfect way to personalize your individual side of the room and it doesn’t hurt that they are super cute.

10. Personalize using state silhouettes!

This is perfect for roommates that are from out-of-state or different states!

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11. Add extra light to your dorm room by hanging Christmas lights.

Dorms are not known for their fantastic lighting, so Christmas lights are a great way to solve that problem.

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12. Decorate the walls with posters that describe you or inspire you.

See Also

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13. Get a desk hutch that has a lot of storage.

Once again, storage is key in a dorm room, so get as much as you can.  You can also use the hutch to display pictures or organize beauty products.

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4. Use your desk as your vanity!

Instead of cluttering the counter space around the sink, convert your desk into a vanity.  This will also prevent fighting over the bathroom mirror with your roommate if you’re in a contemporary room.  If you are staying in a traditional dorm, it means you can stay in your room to do your makeup and have your own space for it.

15. Put pictures on the walls to remember all the memories you have made.

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16. Put down a cute rug!

A rug will make the room feel complete and will brighten up the dull dorm floors.

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17. Use a bed skirt to hide under-bed storage.

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18. Decorate your room with Hotty Toddy or Ole Miss themed décor to show school spirit!


19. Get a curtain for your closet.

This is just an extra little touch that really completes your room.

20. Bring in a small couch or a futon to make your room more comfortable and to have more seating for guests.

What are some other awesome Ole Miss dorm rooms that current or future students should know about? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Emily Morgan

Emily is leaving her hometown of Keyport, NJ to study English 18 hours away at Ole Miss. Her favorite things include Grey's Anatomy, food, sleeping, and reading, and her least favorite thing is the beach. She would like to make a huge shout out to the people that kept her sane for the past 18 years; you know who you are.

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