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20 Amazing Images for UCSD Dorm Decor Inspiration

20 Amazing Images for UCSD Dorm Decor Inspiration

College dorm rooms can often seem boring, which is why it’s important to decorate. Even the smallest decoration, like a poster or welcome mat, will add a lot of personality to the room. It is important to make sure your home away from home is suitable for your own style and a welcoming place to come home to every day. Check out these 20 amazing real UCSD dorm rooms for major decoration inspiration!

1. Bring your own light from home, either Christmas lights or a lamp to make the room feel more like home.

2. Decorative pillows will add some personality to the plain beds.


3. A string of lights can be the perfect way to make your room prettier.

4. Hanging up a collage of photos of your family and friends will help fight off homesickness.

5. Putting tapestry on the wall is a unique way to decorate with a boho touch.

6. It’s always a great idea to DIY your dorm room decorations.

7. DIYing your name on a poster adds a personalized touch to your dorm room.

8. A DIY welcome mat makes a cool decoration.

9. In addition, a DIY basket also helps with storage and decoration at the same time.

10. Stuffed animals are a cute addition to your bunk beds.

11. Colorful clothes storage boxes are not only space efficient, but also a really cool decoration.

12. Using ribbon to tie your window curtains together is a subtle, but nice touch.

13. A nice painting on the wall instantly adds elegance to the room.

14. A UCSD flag is perfect for showing school spirit.

15. Sometimes something as little as a colorful comforter is all you need to add character to your room.

16. A bright color scheme makes the room seem more spacious and lively.

17. A cute jewelry holder helps with storage and decoration at the same time.

18. A cork board with sticky notes is perfect for decoration and organization.



19. An under bed storage box helps save space.

20. A cork board jewelry holder is a unique wall decoration.

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