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19 Times The Internet Was Spot On About Financial Aid

19 Times The Internet Was Spot On About Financial Aid

If you’ve gone through the dreadful, tear-jerking, soul scorching experience that is applying for financial aid – these 19 images will leave you shaking your head in agreement…sad, agonizing, say-it-isn’t-so agreement. Here are 19 times the internet was incredibly (and hilariously) accurate about financial aid.

1. When people went ham on FAFSA’s absurd decision making abilities.

2. And it couldn’t be more true.

3. Or hilarious.


4. Yup.

5. You start to assume this is a cruel joke.

6. And look for ways to beat the system.

7. Then you begin to wonder if you did something wrong on your application.

8. Truly wonder…

9. As you wait to hear back from your financial aid application.

10. Only to be hit with the cold, hard truth.

11. Why must you be like that, FAFSA…WHY??

12. Making us question our integrity…


13. Or entire existence.

14. And then people summed up the insanity of college tuition to a T.

15. And the reality of it bitch slaps you across the face.

16. Hard.

17. Making you realize how much real life actually sucks.

18. Just ask this student.

19. Welcome to the sad, sad truth about financial aid.

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