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19 Things NOT Allowed in WVU Dorms (& What To Bring Instead)

When trying to be as prepared as possible for your year at college, it is very important to pack the right dorm necessities. However, there are certain items that are not allowed in WVU dorms. If you think these items are necessary, don’t worry! Keep reading for 19 items NOT allowed in WVU dorms, and also get tips on the best items you can bring to your dorm at West Virginia instead!

1. Free weights over 20 pounds total.

While you can’t bring a 25lb dumbbell to WVU dorms, you can still bring free weights! You can bring two 5lb weights, or two 10lb weights, for example.

2. Electric devices…

The list is as follows: Hot plates, cup heaters, toasters and ovens, popcorn poppers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, electric grills, portable heaters, sandwich makers, crock pots, etc. The dorm rooms at WVU have air conditioning, and you shouldn’t have a need for a heater. West Virginia is very accommodating.

3. Alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia, and empty alcohol containers.

This is fairly self-explanatory.

4. Microwaves

Refrigerators and Microwave/Refrigerator combination units are available to be rented from the Melvin Group during New Student Orientation, or you may call toll free, 1-800-525-7307. My roommate rented the Microwave/Refrigerator combination for $250 for the whole year, while I bought the TV. It was a lot cheaper to rent it then it was to buy it and move it year to year. You can bring a refrigerator that you purchased if you wish (10 amps, maximum size of 3.2 cubic feet). It’s just less complicated to rent them, in my opinion.

5. Any open-flame object, such as candles, incense, and no candle warmers.

Obviously, a blazing dorm room is not ideal. I recommend plugin or continuous spray air fresheners. Glade is my go-to brand.

6. Weapons. Obviously.

See Community Standards of Conduct here. How about a Nerf-War or Water-balloon fight instead?!

7. Fireworks

The Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia does not allow unlicensed citizens to get their hands on fireworks. It is illegal to have them, let alone in your dorm room. Glow sticks are a bright and colorful alternative at WVU dorms!

8. Combustible, explosive, or flammable material.

This includes gasoline, lighter fluid, and charcoal grills. I’m not sure what you would even need this for, so let’s assume there isn’t an alternative. If you choose to bring a car, please fill it up at the nearest gas station.

9. Pets of any kind.

Sorry guys, but not even a goldfish! A nice cactus plant however does not need much water, but rather lots of sun! They don’t require a lot of attention and don’t make your dorm room smell. Cacti are annual plants, so they come around every year.

10. Halogen lamps.

Halogen lamps are lamps with bulbs that become hot when turned on. This is a fire hazard waiting to happen. If you are going to bring a lamp, choose a light bulb that is halogen-free!

11. Waterbeds

Beds are provided by West Virginia University. If comfort is your concern, I recommend purchasing a memory foam mattress pad (Twin XL) to put on top of your bed. It provides support and is super soft!

12. Supplies used to stack or loft beds.

In a nutshell, you cannot build your own bed loft. This is deemed unsafe by West Virginia University. Instead, you may purchase small bed risers from the university, or from somewhere like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, or WalMart.

13. Paintball, BB, or pellet guns.

Again, fairly self-explanatory. I am still in favor of a Nerf-War!

14. Wireless routers.

West Virginia University provides secure wireless internet access campus-wide, so there is no need to bring a router! (Routers are permitted if the wireless feature is disabled- see ResNet policies here.)

See Also

15. Extension cords or multi-receptacle outlets.

This is rather inconvenient, but at least UL listed power strips with surge protectors are permitted…

16. Motor bikes, Segways, Hoverboards, etc.

These seem to be quite the rage these days! They are all over social media. However, don’t bring them to the dorm with you! Instead, you can bring a bike or scooter.

17. Decorations attached to light fixtures, sprinklers, smoke detectors, etc.

This is less of what you cannot bring, and more of what you shouldn’t do in your dorm. You CAN bring string lights if you wish, just don’t hang them on anything sticking out from your wall. Bring Command Hooks instead.

18. Any item hung outside of your window.

Keep your decorations inside as an alternative?

19. Use of subwoofers, drums, or amplified instruments (e.g. electric guitars) is not permitted.

HOWEVER, you can still keep them in your dorm, as long as you do not disrupt the residential community. If you do use them, they will be confiscated.

“This list is not comprehensive. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to ask students to remove items that are considered unsafe or disruptive. If residence includes a kitchen area in the apartment, appliances are permitted.” 

Learn more about this here.

What are some other items not allowed in WVU dorms, and what should students bring instead? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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