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19 Things NOT Allowed In The SJU Dorms

19 Things NOT Allowed In The SJU Dorms

There are a number of questions SJU students have about what is not allowed in the dorms. Here is a helpful list to help you make informed decisions while you prepare to pack for life in the SJU dorms.

1. Alcohol/Drug Paraphernalia

Don’t bring any of these things or you’ll be at risk of getting in trouble.

2. Non-University Furniture/Mattresses

SJU already has furniture and clean mattresses for you.

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3. Wireless Routers.

SJU has Wi-Fi, thus, routers aren’t needed.

4. Pets Of Any Kind

Sadly pets aren’t allowed for obvious reasons.

5. Toaster/Toaster Ovens

Instead, SJU provides you with a microwave.


6. Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

Try a small area rug instead.

7. Candles

Bring something similar, like a reed diffuser or electric candles, but nothing that can start a fire.

8. Hot Plates

Another fire hazard, so don’t even risk it.

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9. Space Heaters

Each room has AC/heat, so there’s no need for additional heaters.

10. Refrigerator Larger Than 4.0 Cubic Feet

Instead, bring a mini fridge or rent one from SJU to save you the hassle.

11. Cordless Phone/Answering Machine

Just stick to your cellphone; and if there’s ever an emergency, there’s a phone located in the lobby of your building at the front desk.


12. Overnight Opposite Gender

SJU doesn’t allow students to sign in genders of the opposite sex overnight.

13. Electric Blankets

Opt for some flannel sheets and a down comforter during the winter months instead.

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14. Paint

Changing the walls in your dorm will result in a fine; but to spruce them up you can hang pictures, tapestries, and any reminders of home.

15. Weapons

A big NO.

16. Excessively Large Storage

You can bring storage, but not storage that is too big and won’t even fit in your new space.


17. Carpet Tiles

Placing adhesive on the floors will also result in a fine, so warm up your space with an area rug instead.

18. Party Supplies

Don’t risk getting in trouble by having too many people in your room late at night.


19. Oven

There is a kitchen on one floor of all the residence halls, and each Townhouse has its own oven.


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