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19 Ridiculously Amazing Pool Floats You Need This Summer

19 Ridiculously Amazing Pool Floats You Need This Summer

With summer pretty much here, it’s time to start thinking about some serious issues…like, what bathing suits should you buy, where should you travel to, and how can you throw the most epic pool party ever (see – really serious stuff over here). While I’m sure you’ll rock whatever bathing suit you choose and have a blast at whichever destination you pick, I’ve got a few suggestions for making that pool party extra awesome – and they all happen to be some of the most amazing pool floats you’ve ever seen.

For the Drinkers

1. Tiki bar

If you don’t have a tiki bar at your pool party…is it really a pool party?


These are some amazing pool floats!

2. Lounge bar

A cooler in the middle and enough cup holders for 3 drinks per person…why would you ever leave the pool?


3. Cooler couch

Then again, why share when you can have a cooler all to yourself. This chicks on to something.

For the Gamers

4. Beer pong

Our favorite game just got a summer makeover. Oh yes, this might be at the top of my list of amazing pool floats for the summer.


5. Jousting

Tell me this doesn’t look fun.


6. Corn hole

A really close second to beer pong…corn hole is an essential summer time game. And now you can play it in the pool.

For the kids at heart

7. T-Rex

I mean…it’s a floating t-rex. What else do I need to say?


8. Poop emoji

C’mon guys, it’s funny.


11. Seesaw

Sure it’s meant for kids, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to give it a shot.

9. Unicorn

This will make your pool party truly magical…(see what I did there).


10. Or Pegasus works too

For the food lovers

12. Picnic table

Because being in the pool is no reason to stop eating.


13. Donut

And while your digesting that delicious meal, you might as well be lounging on something food-inspired…am I right or am I right?


14. Pretzel

Not big on the sweets? Go for something a bit more salty.

15. Pizza

Or pizza. Because who doesn’t love pizza.

See Also

For the loungers

16. Relaxation station

Anything with the name “relaxation station” – sign me up.


17. Canvas

After a burger and beer, this is where you can find me the rest of the day.


18. Floating island

I’ve never seen a more perfect chill spot. Ever.

19. Cabana

And of course…any *exclusive* party must be well equipped with cabanas.





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