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19 Ingenious Dorm Hacks Every College Student Must Know

19 Ingenious Dorm Hacks Every College Student Must Know

Here are 19 dorm hacks you’ll wish you had known sooner. You’re welcome.

1. Never lose your TV remote again and Velcro it to the side of your bed.

2. Tape a power strip to your nightstand for easy access to an outlet.

3. Use 3M hooks to mount a tablet…literally wherever you want.


4. Label your power cords so unplugging doesn’t become a guessing game.

5. Use soda can tabs to create cascading hangers – making much more space in your closet.

6. Use over-the-door shoe organizers for extra storage space.

7. Put shower hooks on a hanger to efficiently store scarves.



8. Use vacuum space-saver bags to keep out-of-season clothes out of the way.

9. Maximize drawer space by learning to fold like a pro.

10. Use empty toilet paper rolls to keep your desk organized.

11. Organize your hair station with command hooks.

12. Make your own dry erase board so you don’t forget…anything.

13. Enjoy more space in your mini fridge and stack beverages using a binder clip.

14. Hang photos with Washi tape to avoid making holes in the wall. (And it looks really pretty too.)

15. Create globe lights using ping pong balls.

16. If your dorms feeling a little stuffy, hang a damp towel over an open window.

17. Or if your dorm is starting to stank…hang a dryer sheet over a fan or vent.

18. Never sleep late in those (oh-so comfy) dorm beds by putting your phone in a glass cup to amplify your alarm.

19. Create instant speakers for your laptop with a solo cup. (Perfect for that dorm room dance party.)

Know any other dorm hacks for college students? Share in the comments!

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