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18 Things Every FSU Student Should Know

They say you learn something new every day of your life. Even though you might feel like you know the lay of the land as a 2nd semester freshman, or as a soon to be graduate, you’ve most likely haven’t found out about all these secret little gems that every student should know at FSU!

1. Hidden way out of Suwannee!

So you thought there was only one way in and out of the well-known dining hall referred to as Suwannee. Well you were wrong because if you look at the hallway right beside the disposal area you’ll notice a doorway that leads you right out to the William Johnson building. This secret door will be cherished when it starts to pour outside as it always does in Tally and this route makes your way to class ever so dryer.

2. You might be able to get your gap year payed for.

Florida State is the second university in the country to offer financial aid to students considering a gap year between their senior year of high school and freshman year of college. For students who apply they might be able to receive up to $5,000 in scholarships.

3. Never buy toilet paper again.

When you live in the dorms on campus a small luxury is that you don’t have to pay for things such as toilet paper. Now this might seem like a tiny cost but toilet paper for the year adds up when you live off campus and have to pay for it on a college budget. So a little trick is that after class when you have your backpack sneak into a dorm with many connections and go to their main desk and ask for some toilet paper. You should receive 2 rolls per desk you go to.

4. Or condoms!

Another product that you should never buy during your 4 years on campus is condoms. FSU understands that their student population is more likely than none sexually active so hidden in almost every bathroom and all over the Wellness Center are condom dispensers that you can freely take. So be safe and take one when you walk by!

5. Free personal training.

The Leach offers 3 free 60 minute one-on-one personal training sessions during your FSU career. You will be paired up with a certified personal trainer to improve your current workout routine and learn new ways to exercise.

6. If you like to sleep in on a Saturday morning, don’t live in Wildwood.

Football games, pre-games festivities, and the famous Marching Chiefs are within reach so paint on your war paint and get ready. Sadly though if you are one that is known to sleep in on the weekends you’re going to get one heck of an alarm clock starting every Saturday morning. The Marching Chiefs practice their half time show out on the fields right in front of Wildwood, so get yourself some earplugs or enjoy the music you’ll no doubt be hearing.

7. FSU Tranz is your best friend for parking.

Tallahassee is known for its horrible parking situation and the more than occasional towing so be prepared and download the FSU Tran app. Giving you updated statuses of the parking garages you’ll never have to stress about which garage to go to first when you’re rushing to class.

8. FSU Textbook Exchange

During syllabus week every student goes through the hectic time of hunting down their textbooks at the book store just to realize that you’ll be spending over $300. To save yourself a bit of money try and add yourself to a textbook exchange and barter your way to cheaper books. You’ll be potentially saving yourself hundreds.

9. Reduced meals at The Globe.

The Globe on campus is directly across the street from the new Dorman and Deviney and is known to host a lunch during the weekdays for a cheap price. Usually enough to have left overs for dinner this place is a steal if you’re on campus with an empty stomach. Plus it’s vegan so all you health gurus come and enjoy!

10. Hidden route to Heritage!

Now some people might learn about this early on if you’re one to pregame at heritage but if you’re not, there is a route that connects to campus all the way to Publix off Ocala.

11. Bring an umbrella everywhere.

This goes out to all the out of state students that always believe that moving to Florida guarantees them clear skies and hot weather. Now the hot weather might be true, until we reach the months of December and January, but what you’ll also be blessed with is the spontaneous afternoon showers that get you soaked before you’ve reached your class.

12. There is no nearby beach.

The closest thing we have to a beach is the man-made Rez that is owned by FSU. Even though you’ll have a blast there with rental able paddle boards and canoes it’s not the same as going to a real beach with the ocean right in front of you. One of the closest beaches to us is about an hour and a half away and is called St. George Island you can also try going to Panama City Beach for the day.

13. No Apple Store around.

Make sure that your computer is functioning properly before you reach the city limits of Tallahassee because once you’re here there is no Apple Store to help you with your problems. Now we do have a small repair sub-store in the bookstore on campus but with major problems you’ll just have to pray that you wake up with a fixed computer and/or accessories.

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14. Never walk Mount Diffenbaugh again!

You’ll understand this struggle the first time you have a class in the Williams or Westcott building. You might not think that Florida is a flat state but once you try walking up this hill you’ll be comparing it to a mountain. So next time you want to go to class look up the bus times and comfortably ride in A/C.

15. Don’t go to the first line you see for Pow Wow.

During Homecoming week we celebrate the annual Pow Wow in which we host a special guest that ranges from comedy to music. It’s one of the highlights of the fall semester and everyone camps outside to score the best seats since its general admission.

Now the secret to earning those luxurious front row seats is to walk to the opposite side of the Civic Center avoiding the initial line and try to find a door closest to the stairs. This way you’ll have little competition in getting the best seats, just make sure you have your fastest friend go in first.

16. When rushing a sorority, buy a fan!

This one should be a little self-explanatory. Florida is hot and humid place so when you’re walking around Tallahassee all day you’ll want to cool off. Don’t forget to pack some extra batteries since you’ll be using this for the majority of the day.

17. A fake ID isn’t necessary to get alcohol.

Now getting a fake would make it easier but it isn’t necessary as there are ways around it. Usually at any party, they might check your age but they don’t have a huge enforcement of who they give drinks out to. So instead of taking the risk of receiving a felony, let someone you know take the risk of carrying a fake.

18. Avoid the Starbucks line!

Once you understand this you’ll feel a bit dumb that you didn’t think about this before. In the Strozier library there is the very popular Starbucks that is almost always busy. Now if you want to try and avoid the line that’s going out the door, walk all the way around and try the other register that Starbucks has to offer. More likely than none, this line is significantly lower than the one seen when you first walk in.

What are some tips you think every FSU student should know? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Tara Lawson-Corley

Tara Lawson-Corley is a junior at Florida State University. Her major is Retail Merchandising & Product Development with the goal of someday working for a fitness driven retail company such as ADIDAS or LuluLemon. Hopefully later on she will be able to own her own successful fitness boutique or at least that's the dream. Tara enjoys the occasional Netflix binge, reading numerous fashion magazines, and finding new and exciting ways to workout.

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