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18 Amazing University of Tennessee Dorm Rooms For Inspiration

18 Amazing University of Tennessee Dorm Rooms For Inspiration

Your new college dorm room is now your home away from home. To make it feel like it, here are University of Tennessee dorm rooms for some inspiration!

Whether you are a few miles or a few hundred miles away from family, your new college dorm becomes your new home sweet home. At least for a little while, this room is yours to live and create memories in – and for you to do that, you can start off by decorating! The beauty of University of Tennessee dorm rooms is that you can decorate them however you want! You can choose your own color scheme, furniture, pillows, and even lighting. So keep reading for some dorm rooms at the University of Tennessee Knoxville that you can use to inspire you when you go dorm room shopping!

1. Loft your bed

Put it as high as it can go to give your room enough space to even get a couch or ottoman in there. This will create an even roomier feel.

2. Pictures hanging by your bed

This will give you the feeling that your friends and family are close and right there with you, even when you’re miles away!


3. This University of Tennessee dorm has everything – even a small couch bed underneath the lofted twin bed!

Perfect for having people over.

4. Pink accent colors

This theme is perfect for a little pop in the middle of all the neutrals.

5. Having paintings hanging on the walls are also perfect!

It doesn’t leave the wall plain and adds more color.


6. 5 words

Fur rugs are so cute!!

7. Monogrammed

Monogrammed objects are really in style right now, so having your initials monogrammed and put up above your bed makes it feel more “your own”

– not to mention that it’s very classy.


8. Match with your roommate

The same color scheme would work or y’all can just match with everything!

9. Trying to get a desk next to your bed

This can be very useful, especially for putting a book, phone, or alarm clock next to you when you sleep.

10. What is also great is being able to put a desk underneath your bed.

That saves so much space for you to put other great things in your dorm room!


11. Cubbies in the walls

This can be so useful, not just for decoration purposes but also to store important items that you need on a daily basis.

12. Ottomans and other chairs can be great, especially if you get tired of sitting in your bed or your desk all day.

And plus: it looks so cute!!

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13. If you want something elegant and yet different, mirrors are the thing for you.

They can look great anywhere, especially when you add lots of different ones above a bed.

14. The University of Tennessee themselves know what’s up: the pin boards on the wall and comforters with bold colors that can go great together.

Or as they say… it can look “dope.”

15. These pictures hanging down the wall are to die for!!

It makes sure that space isn’t empty and also adds something meaningful for you to see every time you walk out the door!


16. Hanging Lights

If both you and your roommate are okay with it, hanging lights above both of your beds can look precious and can even make you two feel more connected as you get to know each other throughout the year.

17. This dorm is simple yet cute.

Your first name initial can look great above your bed, along with those cute little spheres hanging from the ceiling – not to mention having everything match in color!

18. Hanging up your name above your bed can be such a nice touch!

It’s different than monogrammed initials and gives you a more original look. (Matching lamps with your roommate also looks so amazing, especially with those matching chairs between your beds!!)

Do you know of any other super cute University of Tennessee dorm rooms for some inspo?! Share in the comments below!

Featured image source: Instagram