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15 Ways to Style Your Converse

15 Ways to Style Your Converse

It’s time to bring out your Converse sneakers you have shoved in the back of your closet. Your 80’s outfit wasn’t complete without a pair and still today your outfit isn’t complete without your Chucks. Whether your Converse are beat up or brand new they can easily be incorporated into any style.

1. Keep it casual

2. Comfort and crew socks


3. Travel back in style

4. Color your converse

5. Androgynous 80’s

6. Dress up to dress down

7. Deep V and some high tops

8. Strictly business

9. Shorts and scuff marks

10. Summertime shades

11. Black and white

12. A skater skirt and some basketball shoes

13. Lace ’em up

14. Concert Converse Life

15. Take the 80’s by storm

No matter what your style is, Converse are definitely worth the investment. The 80’s will forever be a part of my wardrobe, and I hope the same goes for you!

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