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15 Unique Notebooks That All Journal Collectors Need

For all writers, artists, dreamers, and note-jotters, unique notebooks and vintage journals are a must. Whether it’s Wal-Mart’s notebook aisle or a specialty stationery store, notebook collectors are always looking for new, interesting journals to add to their collection. For those looking to find new notebooks for themselves or trying to find journals for the notebook collector in their life, here are some of our favorite unique notebooks that are great additions to any collection.

1. Collage Notebook

Denik has some of the coolest and most unique notebooks I’ve ever seen online, and my bank account gets scared every time I see an ad for one. The collage large wire-o notebook is one of my favorites, with a soft cover and 120 pages for all your most whimsical and weird ideas. You can get the pages lined, dotted, or blank, so it’s customizable for your personal preferences and super cute – how can you say no?

Get this notebook here:

2. Hardcover Floral Journal

For those looking for hardcover, unique notebooks to add to their collection, this cool Etsy find is the perfect addition. I personally love a scrapbook/collage design, so the disjointed yet unified look of this notebook is an amazing style. With 128 ruled pages, you’ll have plenty of room to keep track of class assignments, make grocery lists, or write the new great American novel. Plus, the tarot card design is incredibly done and the notebook is homemade, making it a prime journal choice.

Get this notebook here:

3. Cosmic Floral Journal

Another Denik design sold on Urban Outfitters’ website, this sleek cosmic floral journal for those looking for minimal unique notebooks. With a simple but colorful design, this notebook is perfect for any of your personal needs, from bullet journals to poetry collections. With a softcover and 144 lined pages, there’s nothing this journal isn’t good for and no one who wouldn’t love to add it to their collection.

Get this notebook here:

4. Love Me Like My Demons Do Journal

For those looking for darker, gothic unique notebooks, this Blackcraft journal is the one for you. With a smooth black design and engraved cover art, this 100-page journal is the perfect notebook to write your own mystery or horror novel in. Not all unique notebooks have to have flowery, bright designs – sometimes you want to have a journal that taps into the darker parts of you.

Get this notebook here:

5. Another Adventure Leather Journal

As far as unique notebooks go, this is one of my favorites. It feels very Tolkien/Bilbo Baggins and definitely brings out the adventurer and wanderer in me. This leather journal would make the perfect travel diary, and the 100 sheets of paper leave a lot of room for retelling exciting adventures. It is a little more expensive than some of the other notebooks at $39, but it’s a necessary expense for anyone looking for the perfect travel notebook.

Get this notebook here:

6. Vintage Pocket Memo Notebooks

I like to keep unique notebooks of various sizes in my collection, so having an assortment of smaller, memo notebooks is a must. They’re great for keeping in a purse or by your bedside for quick notes. These vintage pocket notebooks from Etsy are incredibly cool – there are nine options to choose from and they all come from the 1960s. These are the perfect gift for any notebook or vintage advertisement collector in your life!

Get this notebook here:

7. Handmade Paper Notebook

Another important aspect for unique notebooks is the paper – it’s nice to keep a variety of page designs and styles as part of your collection, from recycled paper to dot-graph designs to the traditional lined or blank pages. This handmade paper notebook is incredibly cool, with a tweed hemp cover, 48 pages, and a button and string bookmark.

Get this notebook here:

8. Antique Slim Grid Notebook

Another cool addition to your collection of unique notebooks to add size variety, these slim grid notebooks are amazing. MochiThings went above and beyond with these cool and vintage-looking designs, making them the perfect notebook for scrapbooking or journaling. They come complete with 48 grid pages and a matching sticker set, and the shining foil design is unlike any other I’ve seen.

Get this notebook here:

9. AstroReality Notebook

Did you ever think that while you were searching for new, unique notebooks you’d find an augmented reality interactive one? No? Me either. But this AstroReality notebook on Amazon is just that – the front and back covers can be scanned through their phone app to show more about the mythology and planetary elements connected to the zodiac sign on the cover. The pages are blank and unlined, and at only $30 it’s a must-have for any notebook collection.

Get this notebook here:

10. Leather Journal With Gemstone Cover

For all my fantasy lovers and wanderlust writers, this handmade leather journal is the perfect choice for your unique notebooks collection. According to Amazon seller Komal’s Passion Leather Store, the notebook is handcrafted in full-grain buffalo leather by skilled artisans, with a semiprecious stone inserted in the cover. With 100 unlined pages, this is a great notebook for all your writing and journaling needs.

Get this notebook here:

See Also

11. Persian Grove Journal

I personally love an ornate journal and this is one of the best unique notebooks for anyone looking for something classy and intricate to add to their collection. Sold on Amazon by Inc. Peter Pauper Press, this elegant journal includes 160 lightly lined sheets with gold gilded page edging. Taking inspiration from 16th-century Persian poetry books, this intricate, hardcover journal is every notebook collector’s dream notebook.

Get this notebook here:

12. Gargoyles Decomposition Book

I absolutely adore Decomposition notebooks, and they’re one of my top personal recommendations for those looking for interesting, unique notebooks. The series comes in a myriad of design choices, with bound or spiral options, but Decomposition’s “Gargoyles” journal is one of my favorites. With 80 sheets of blank paper, this notebook is perfect for drawing, writing, or notetaking (and I’ve personally done all three).

Get this notebook here:

13. Siixu Colorful Blank Notebook

Siixu’s colorful blank notebook on Amazon is one of the coolest unique notebooks not for its intricate or interesting cover, but rather for its unique inside. The pages themselves are blank of lining or dotted grids, but each has a colorful, watercolor-esque design. It’s a beautiful journal and the perfect notebook for scrapbooking or writing.

Get this notebook here:

14. The Universe Journal

This notebook is actually one from my personal collection of unique notebooks, so of course, it had to be included on this list. The cover is a simple, ornate design that makes it perfect for any purpose or situation. Sold online by the Paper Store, The Universe Journal has 160 lightly-lined pages, a hardcover binding, and a gold ribbon bookmark. It’ll make you feel like an adventure and inspired novelist every time you use it.

Get this notebook here:

15. Handmade Vinyl Record Notebooks

For all my music lovers and unique notebooks collectors, this custom handmade vinyl record notebook on Etsy is the perfect journal for you. The front cover is an actual vinyl record, and the inside contains 120 pages of blank sketch paper or recycled lined pages. You can also request specific records from the seller, and customers have said that they were able to get their specific record requests fulfilled. These notebooks are amazingly cool and would be the perfect gift for any aspiring songwriter.

Get this notebook here:

Do you know of more unique journals we should add to our collection? Tell us in the comments!

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