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15 Unique Gift Ideas for Girls

15 Unique Gift Ideas for Girls

Sometimes it can be difficult to get creative with presents when you have so many people to buy for! Check out this list of 15 unique gift ideas for girls!

The holiday season is finally here,  meaning it is time to start thinking about gift ideas. In my opinion, gift giving is an art in itself – you have to get creative! We all know it can be hard, even frustrating, trying to figure out gift ideas that the receiver will actually enjoy. That being said, I’ve come up with 15 unique gift ideas for girls that are hard NOT to like, no matter who you are!

1. OPI Nail Polish – $13.95

I rarely see nail polish being given as a gift, and I don’t know why! It’s something that many girls get A LOT of use out of, so it’s guaranteed hit! There are so many sets of nail polish products out there, like this OPI kit. Or you could purchase a few separate items and arrange them nicely in a little tin can, topped with a bow, of course.

2. BirchBox Subscription – $ Varies

A beauty box subscription is the perfect gift for a girl who loves makeup and beauty products. Instead of trying to guess what type of products she’s into, make it a surprise (for the both of you). The best part about subscription boxes is that it’s reoccurring – the gift that keeps on giving.


3. DINO Slippers – $26

Take a quirky turn with your gift ideas for girls and think outside of the box. Keep your best friend’s toes warm all winter long with theses cute dinosaur slippers.

4. Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers – $39.99

Or keep them EXTRA toasty (see what I did there) with these cute s’more inspired, heated slippers.


5. Lomography Diana F+ Without Flash – $49

Move over iPhones and digital cameras, this year opt for something more old school and give your artsy friend a film camera.


6. Polaroid Camera Necklace Locket – $35.90

Go the more personal route with this custom order necklace. Put in a picture inside of a special memory!


7. Scrabble Light – $36.00

Brighten up anyone’s day (and room) with this unique set of Scrabble lights!


8. Marshmallow Shooter – $19

Looking for gift ideas for girls that warrant a chuckle? For that goofy person in your life, get them a marshmallow shooter. Even better, get them two, along with a bag of marshmallows, and have a marshmallow fight!


9. Personalized M&M’s

Perfect for the chocolate lover (or anyone really), these personalized M&M’s are personal, unique and oh-so-delicious!

10. Macaron Kit – $39.99

For anyone who likes to eat (so everyone), this macaroon kit would be the perfect holiday gift. Consider this gift idea for your roommate or best friend, then you can bake (and eat, duh) together!


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11. Cookie ingredients – DIY

Recipe related gift ideas are always a great way to go because you can customize them to your friend’s preferred taste. Find your favorite cookie recipe, purchase the ingredients, layer the correct portions into a mason jar, top off with a cute bow, and voila – Christmas in a jar!


12. Morse Code Bracelet – DIY

Another one of my favorite DIY gift ideas for girls is a personalized bracelet. These bracelets, in particular, have a mores code message on them so you can personalize them with any words you want – and no one else will know!

13. #GirlBoss – $16.90

Books can be a very personal and unique gift; IF you choose the right one. For the go-getters in your life, this book from the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal will provide the perfect inspiration.


14. Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up – $10.09

Or for those who need a little comical motivation, try the New York Times Bestseller, Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up. This book serves as a good reminder to anyone graduating high school, or even already in college, that everything will work out!


15. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book -$9.57

Coloring books aren’t JUST for children; they can actually be very relaxing after a long day, or the perfect resource to fuel creativity.
What are your favorite gift ideas for girls? Tell us down below!
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