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15 Tips to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

Even with the bipolar weather on the East coast, spring is finally here. Soon we’ll be met with warmer weather, longer days, the smell of fresh flowers lingering in the air, and last but not least – spring fashion. But just because spring is among us, this doesn’t mean you should put away your winter clothes quite just yet. Some of winter’s essentials can actually convert quite nicely into your springtime wardrobe. Here are 15 tips to help you transition your winter wardrobe for spring!

1. Don’t pack away all of your sweaters yet!

Spring may pose warmer weather, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t be met with a chilly breeze every now and then. Keep your sweaters readily available to use as layering pieces – perfect for frigid mornings on your walk to class, or to pair with your new spring dress when there’s a crisp wind in the air.

2. Same goes for your jackets.

Jackets are necessary for every season. While it’s probably safe to say you can put your big, winter coat back into hibernation – any of your less bulky jackets should be left within reach. If any of these jackets have removable lining, hoods, or sleeves, this is a great way to transition them to spring attire!

3. Keep one pair of boots handy.

Don’t you hate when it’s raining out, you’re wearing sneakers, and next thing you know – you step in a puddle and your feet are wet for the rest of the day. Miserable! This is why it’s 100% necessary to keep a pair of boots out from the winter months, particularly rain boots if you have them. Hunter boots are the ideal boot to transition your winter wardrobe to spring – they are simple, classic and super practical.

4. Layer!

Even though the warmer weather is here, it might not be here to stay. If you have an event to go to where you need to dress up (and obviously plan on wearing a skimpier dress), definitely tack on the layers! A great, springy style is a loose-fitted, mid-calf dress, paired with a boyfriend cardigan and chic booties – adorable!

5. Play with colors.

Spring is the season to really play around with colors that may come off too bright and bold in the winter months. Pastels are extremely popular in the spring, especially Easter. If you’re going to play around with color, try sticking to just one feature piece in your ensemble. For example, if you opt for colorful jeans, keep your top on the neutral side (like maybe that cozy, beige, light-weight turtleneck you’ve worn all winter), but don’t be afraid to explore different textures and patterns!

6. Experiment with prints!

Floral patterns or simple tribal prints are always a fun way to transition your winter wardrobe to spring. Instead of wearing a chunky sweater under that fur vest, consider swapping in a floral swing dress.

7. Accessorize!

Accessories can make or break an outfit, but they are essential; you can take any outfit from winter to spring with the right accessory. A bright bubble necklace paired with your favorite winter sweater dress brings a winter basic straight into spring! And remember, accessories aren’t limited to jewelry. Sunglasses, shoes, bags, scarves – these all come into play when transition your winter wardrobe to the perfect spring outfits.

8. Try unconventional pairings.

Denim on denim, print on print, color on color; the opportunities are endless when you just think a little outside of your comfort zone. Choose two items you wouldn’t normally pair together, and as long as you can rock it with confidence, you’ve got yourself a new spring outfit! My favorite matchy-matchy combo? Chambrays paired with jeans and a vest!

9. Think outside of the box.

Some of your favorite winter staples (like my fav. chambray) can be worn again in the spring, just simply paired with pieces meant for the warmer weather. Instead of rocking my chambray with insulated leggings and a cable knit sweater, I’ll pair it with a skirt, a pair of nude booties, a cross-body bag, and maybe a chunky necklace and bracelet!

10. Speaking of booties…

Shoes can be a tricky thing in the spring because while the weather is warmer, it’s usually not warm enough to wear sandals and flip-flops just yet (unfortunately). That’s where booties come into play! Keep your feet warm and your outfit from looking too summery by adding a gorgeous pair of booties!

11. Florals!

“Florals, what a new invention for the Spring.” We all love that famous line from the Devil Wears Prada, but it’s true. Florals are the perfect addition to the Spring season, and a great way to transition your winter wardrobe. Whether you go for a floral print or an intricate foral inspired lace detail, they are essential for the season. Florals can be dressed up or down, and paired with so many different garments, the options are endless!

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12. Learn to rock your maxi (or jumpsuit) for the spring.

I have to admit – I was never a fan of maxi dresses or jumpsuits until a few years ago, but now I can’t get enough of them! They are so simple and versatile that they can be worn for many different occasions in virtually any season. We just learned they are, surprisingly enough, super trendy in the winter…but even more stylish (and practical) in the spring.

13. Step up your denim game!

Despite what some people may say, pairing denim on denim is extremely popular
and can be the perfect way to transition your winter wardrobe (see tip #8)! Mix and match different washes, as well as denim with different finishes. Your favorite dark winter jeans pairs nicely with a light denim top. Mixing different shades of blue, grey, black, white, etc. within the denim category is another interesting way to wear denim in the spring.


14. Top your outfit off with a trench coat.

April showers bring May flowers. Transition your winter wardrobe by adding a little spring time flair to your favorite trench coat. Try tying a lightweight scarf around your neck or keep your legs bare underneath – this will create a more springtime feel.


15. Go easy on new trends!

You may be eager to buy all new clothes for the spring season, but be forewarned that many new items that come out are just fads, and not trends – meaning they will go away just as quickly as they came in. Pair your tried and true classic pieces with the trendier items of spring and you can easily transition your winter wardrobe to spring, without spending a dime!

Choose your outfits wisely, but be unique and add your own flare to your spring wardrobe! Fashion is an expression of your personality, so have fun with it!!

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Kaitlyn Weinberger

Kaitlyn Weinberger is 20 years old, about to be 21 in August. She is from Queens, NY and a rising senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying Fashion Merchandising Management with a specialization in Product Development and a minor in Italian studies. Most recently she studied abroad in Florence, Italy for the entire 2015-2016 academic year. In her spare time she enjoys painting, hanging out with her friends and writing!

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