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15 Tips To Create A Tumblr Dorm Room That’ll Make Anyone Jealous

Anyone interested in making their dorm room the envy of the rest of the floor – you probably are well acquainted with Tumblr and the many, many images of gorgeous dorm rooms that would make even the most talented interior designers swoon. Well guess what, your room can be a Tumblr dorm room too…you just have to follow a few key tips:

1. Create an under bed lounge area.

Most dorm rooms have beds that are lofted, meaning you can raise them or lower them as you see fit. If you bring your bed to the very top level you can usually fit a medium size chair, beanbags, or a TV under your bed. If you and your roommate both loft your beds then you can put the TV under one bed and an lounge area under the other.

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2. Hang tapestry.

To easily decorate the plain walls of your dorm room you can hang tapestries across your walls to give them a splash of color.

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3. Give attention to your desk setup.

One of my favorite parts of a dorm room is the desk setup. If there is room between you and your roommate’s two beds (pictured below) them you can push them together and create one long desk area, or keep them separate – up to you. The main thing to remember when it comes to desk: keep them free from clutter. Get some cute desk organizers!

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4. Throw pillows and fuzzy blankets are key.

Throw pillows can be used to easily spice up an ordinary bed, so get creative! You definitely want to invest in a couple of fuzzy plush blankets for those cold winter nights in your dorm. Your bed will instantly look so much cozier!

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5. Tassel garland or pom poms are trendy and cute.

The garlands add color and an extra touch to achieve that Tumblr dorm room look.

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6. Even the most basic items can be spiced up.

A plain full length mirror can be hung on the back of your dorm door or on your closet. To decorate you can use a glue fake flowers or hang string lights on the edges.

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7. Make the bedding the focal point of your room.

Neutral bedding is easy to match, while colorful bedding makes your room seem bright and cheerful; either way, make sure whatever vibe you are going for is reflected in your bedding. All Tumbr dorm rooms keep a strong emphasis on the bed.

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8. Organize every day items, in style.

To make a key holder for your dorm, you can paint a wooden plaque and then glue on a few knobs. You can hang keys, jackets, bags, etc. from the hanger; cute and efficient.

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9. Picture collages are essential.

Nothing beats homesickness better than putting up pictures of home. A heart collage of your family, friends, hometown, etc. is the perfect reminder of where you came from. You can even have a collage of places you want to go or have been. You can also use a creative picture string or display.

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10. Don’t forget about the outside of your dorm!

On Etsy there are many shops that sell roommate signs. Your names and your room number painted is a perfect thing to hang on you dorm room to make your room feel even more inviting.

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11. Show off your personality.

Instead of photos or tapestries, canvas art is also a perfect way to put your passions or personality on display.

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12. You can always count on mason jars.

Mason jars can be used to hold makeup brushes, desk essential…or pretty much anything you can think of. To make them extra cute you can spray paint them with the color theme of your room.

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13. Keep things worldly.

Nothing is more inspiring than looking at all the place you want to travel, so consider hanging a map, displaying a globe, or hanging up a quote to add some decor and travel inspo.

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14. Even storage can be cute.

Whether you use a cart, or simple drawer – keeping your items nice and tidy helps keep your room looking Tumblr dorm room approved.

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15. Make sure your room looks inviting from every angle.

If you have cute decorations it makes your room look more inviting and people will want to stop by.

Have any other tips to create that perfect Tumblr dorm room? Share in the comments!

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Rachael Carter

Rachael is an 19 year old college sophomore majoring in forensic Anthropology. She loves the beach and is 99% sure she is a Disney princess.

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