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15 Times Teen Wolf Summed Up College Life

15 Times Teen Wolf Summed Up College Life

If you’re someone who’s attempting to study for exams, deal with your roomie, find enough money for textbooks, and keep your cool, you can definitely relate to these 15 times Teen Wolf summed up college life.

1. When you see your class crush out at the bars.

2. When you suddenly don’t fit in a lot of your clothes from high school.

3. When your family asks how you’re coping with classes.


4. When someone in class says something ignorant and you have to refrain from commenting back.

5. The first time you go home and realize how much you missed your mom – especially her home cooking.

6. After an all-nighter in the library.

7. Pretty much your entire attitude when it comes to homework.

8. When your professor tells you the price of the textbook you need.

9. Trying, and failing, to be passive aggressive when confronting your roommate about something that went missing.

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10. When you get your grade back and actually pass a test you were sure you’d failed.

11. When your roommate eats your food, wakes you up, or is a generally awful person.


12. Waking up on the day of an exam and realizing you slept in and are totally late.


13. When you have responsibilities in general.

14. When your professor asks you how to do something they haven’t taught you yet.

15. And finally, when something bad happens (because you still don’t feel like an actual adult).

The characters in Teen Wolf just get us.

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