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15 Thoughts You Have When You Lose Your Virginity

15 Thoughts You Have When You Lose Your Virginity

No matter who you are, here are 15 crazy thoughts you definitely had or have had right after you finally lose your virginity.

Let’s face it; when you lose your virginity, it’s a pretty big deal. You’ve popped your cherry, you feel like a woman, you no longer have a V card – yeah, no matter how you phrase it, having sex for the first time is an event that most girls remember forever – whether it good or bad. And after you’ve finally done the “deed,” your head is reeling with thoughts as the reality of what just happen sets in. No matter who you are, here are 15 thoughts you definitely had/have when you lose your virginity.

1. It’s finally done. A virgin I am no longer!

2. I’ve just been seen totally naked!

3. What am I supposed to do now?

4. Should I just grab my clothes and leave?

5. Should I ask how the sex was?

6. Is it supposed to be this awkward after?

7. I think I bled a little.

8. Why don’t I feel any different?

9. Isn’t your first time supposed to be life changing?

10. Why do I feel so guilty?

11. Did I do something wrong?

12. Why I’m I so emotional. Is it an after sex hormone thing?

13. I think I’m going to cry.

14. I probably look terrible right now.

15. Where did I put my phone? I need to text my bff.

These 15 thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg – when you actually lose your virginity you’ve probably got 500 thought running through your brain all at once.

We’d love to know what other thoughts you had/have when you lose your virginity – add yours in the comments below!
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