15 Things You Won’t Survive College Without

15 Things You Won’t Survive College Without

Packing and getting ready for college can be stressful and hard to adjust to…but there 15 things that you 100% won’t be able to survive college without. With these 15 things, your first semester will be smooth sailing.

For Your Daily Life

1. Planner

Between going to class, work, and juggling a social life, obligations can become difficult to keep track of. A planner will really come in handy when your schedule gets hectic, especially for the first few weeks of the semester before you get more used to your routine.

2. Water Bottle

College is no time to forget about health. Keep a reusable water with you to keep hydrated on and off campus.


3. Netflix Account

Seriously, if you don’t have one, get one. Binge watching dramas with your roommates can be an excellent activity for a girls’ night.

4. Good Friends

College life can be stressful. Balance that stress by hanging out with a good friend who can help make college a home away from home. I can almost guarantee you won’t survive college without good friends.

For Your Classes

5. Notebook

Even if you primarily use a laptop for taking notes and doing homework, having an actual notebook around, just in case, can be helpful. Sometimes you just need old-fashioned paper.


6. Textbook Comparison Website

Use these to compare textbook prices and find the best deal possible.

7. Heavy-Duty Backpack

Bring a heavy-duty backpack to class rather than a cute bag. College textbooks are heavy. Save yourself the back and shoulder pain by toting a quality backpack.

For Your Apartment

8. Coffee Maker

Instead of frequenting Starbucks every morning, save money (and calories) by brewing your own coffee.


9. Mattress Pad

You’ll thank yourself for this one if you move into a student apartment without a comfy bed.

10. Extra Blankets

Chances are, you’ll have several roommates who all like to set the thermostat at different temperatures. It’s never a bad thing to have extra blankets, just in case.

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11. Extra Towels and Washcloths

If you have a few of these around, you won’t have to do laundry every other day.

12. Storage Bins

Keep your apartment ultra-organized by using storage bins rather than throwing things under your bed or in your closet. Many college apartments don’t have a lot of space to spare.

For Your Closet

13. A Good Blazer

What better way to look chic and professional at job interviews and meetings with professors than to dress up your outfit with a blazer?


14. Fancy Dress

You’ll need a fancy dress, or two, or three. There will be events that require formal dress, and you’ll want to look your best.

15. Seasonal Apparel

The season change can sneak up on you in the middle of fall semester. Don’t leave your winter coat at home just because you’re soaking in the August sun when you leave for school.

Do you have any more tips for things you won’t survive college without? Share in the comments below!
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