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15 Things From Brandy Melville You Need This School Year

15 Things From Brandy Melville You Need This School Year

With school rounding the corner, it is time to start thinking about wardrobe essentials that will be our best friends throughout the year. Brandy Melville fashion is perfect for school because it has plenty of basics and also more unique pieces; here are 15 things that you need from Brandy Melville for this school year!

1. A Basic Cropped T 

First up on Brandy Melville fashion that you absolutely need for back to school is a variety of basic cropped t-shirts. These will be your best friends not only because they are ultra comfy and come in so many different colors but also because they are so easy to style depending on your mood of the day. Whether you want to throw it on with a pair of leggings, sweatpants or jeans you can style a basic cropped t-shirt in so many different ways that it is crucial to have at least three in your wardrobe.

2. A Comfy Tank 

For the warmer months of the school year, you are definitely going to want a comfy tank top to throw on for class. Lucky for you, Brandy Melville fashion has a plethora of choices ranging from thicker straps, longer or cropped, and plenty of different colors or patterns to choose from! A comfy tank is another basic that will be your best friend because of the fact that it can be styled in so many different ways, and it is easy to effortlessly put together an outfit. 


3. The Rosa Sweatpants 

If there is one thing that you absolutely need to take away from this rundown of the best Brandy Melville fashion essentials for school, it’s this: You are going to want these Rosa sweatpants in every color. Rosa sweatpants are both super comfy and also extremely cute because they come in a wide variety of colors! It is going to be hard not to throw these on with every outfit, we know that we never want to change out of our Rosa sweats. 

4. Cute Jewelry

Cute jewelry is always a wardrobe staple and lucky for you, Brandy Melville fashion has plenty of unique and fun pieces, or more simple and minimalistic ones. Depending on your preference, you may want to go for Brandy Melville’s more dainty options or their more colorful and unique ones. Either way, necklaces, rings or bracelets are the perfect way to make yourself feel a little more put together when heading out for the day!


5. Rosa Sweatshorts

When the climate is a little warmer but you still want to be ultra comfortable, Rosa sweatshorts are the perfect option! These sweatshorts, like most Brandy Melville basics, come in a range of hues, ranging from more classic black or grey to more colorful colors like pink or green. You can opt to match your top with your shorts for a matching set, throw on a baby tee or any other comfy top to complete the look! 


6. A Katherine Hat

Although you may have never thought we would include a hat in a Brandy Melville fashion rundown, we believe that every wardrobe should include at least one cute hat. Not only because an adorable hat can be a super stylish accessory to add to an outfit but also because a hat will be your best friend when you are having a bad hair day!

7. The Lydia Tank

The Lydia tank should basically be considered the staple piece of Brandy Melville fashion basics. This tank comes in so many different and gorgeous colors but that isn’t what the best part about it is; the best part about this top is how ultra comfy it is. No seriously, this top is so comfy that we refuse to ever take it off! You can sleep with this top, wear it with any bottoms, or throw it on under a zip up; there are really an endless amount of ways to style a Lydia tank.

8. The Christy Oversized Zip Up 

If you don’t already have a Christie oversized zip up, do you even know anything about Brandy Melville fashion? Just kidding, but seriously, this oversized zip up will be your best friend in college. Found in plenty of different colors, this zip up is the perfect size to be both super comfy but also easy to style up or down!


9. The Zelly Long Sleeve


If you are looking for a cuter long sleeve top for those days where you want to look a little more put together but still comfy, the Zelly long sleeve top is perfect! The material is super soft and stretchy, plus the many colors and patterns you can find this shirt in are all gorgeous. You can wear this top with a pair of jeans or a skirt, or dress it down with a pair of leggings or sweatpants. 


10. A Thermal Long Sleeve

Speaking of long sleeve shirts, nothing compares to the comfy-ness of a thermal long sleeve shirt from Brandy Melville. Just like all the other basics from Brandy Melville, this top comes in plenty of colors from neutrals to colorful and can be styled in a majority of ways. Not only that, this top is also one of the comfiest you can find in Brandy Melville fashion and will keep you warmer during the colder months! 

11. A Cute Sweater

Another Brandy Melville fashion item that you will need for the colder months is a cute sweater. This item is perfect for days where you want to look a little nicer while still staying warm and comfortable, plus sweaters are yet another staple that you can style in any way you’d like. 

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12. Graphic Baby Tee

Baby tees are all the rage right now because they are a super cute alternative to a more traditional style graphic top. A graphic baby tee is the perfect fit to go with your sweatpants or leggings; this top will be your go to when you are looking for a comfy and cute outfit to wear to class! 

13. Oversized Graphic Tee

If you wanted a more comfy top to throw on for class then you may want to opt for a more oversized fit for your graphic tee. Lucky for you, Brandy Melville has a bunch of different designs of fun and unique graphics that are perfect for any day of the week! Plus, you can pair your graphic tee with pretty much any bottoms depending on what look you wanted to go for!


14. A Simple Dress

Some days you may be in the mood or have an occasion where you will want to dress up more, but not too dressed up. That’s when a simple dress from Brandy Melville like this one comes in handy; you can throw on this dress with a pair of sneakers to keep it casual or with a pair of sandals if you want a more put together look! 

15. Oversized Jean Jacket

With the climate being so unpredictable a super important thing to remember is that you always have the opportunity to layer, which is when an oversized denim jacket from Brandy Melville comes in handy. This will match perfectly over a casual dress, a sweatshirt and leggings or pretty much anything else! A jean jacket is really an effortless way to stay warm while layering and a cute addition to any outfit. 

There you have it, 15 Brandy Melville fashion essentials that you absolutely need for this school year!