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15 Things Only College Seniors Understand

15 Things Only College Seniors Understand

You’ve spent the last three years staying up until sunrise either writing a massive paper or partying hard. Attending three endless lectures then working a minimum wage job to pay to for them. Napping until it hurt and only waking up to get McDonald’s with your squad. And it’s all lead up to this: senior year. When you first arrived on campus, senior year seemed like it was miles away. But now that it’s here, you’re dealing with a whole new set of experiences and emotions. But don’t worry, we can all relate. Keep reading for 15 things only college seniors understand!

1. The shock of how quickly everything has gone by.

It seems like just yesterday your parents dropped off their wide-eyed bushy-tailed freshman child. Then you blinked and suddenly you’re a seasoned college kid.

2. Feeling like you’re really old.

The new students seem to get shorter and shorter every year, and suddenly you can relate to how your parents never understand the new slang.



3. Still not knowing how to adult after all these years.

You aren’t one hundred percent sure how taxes work and insurance remains a mystery. You’ve definitely called your mom a few times this week for help filling out forms.

4. Feeling like a boss when you give directions to a new student.

You know this campus like the back of your hand now. “Franklin Hall? It’s right down the road there, between the cafeteria and the quad.”


5. Being besties with the professors in your department.

You’ve been taking classes with the same set of instructors for years now. You know their testing style, their corny jokes, and even the names of their pets.


6. Being just a tad jealous of the freshman class.

They still have their entire college experience in front of them and you’re nearing the end. You’d give anything to do it all over again knowing what you know now.


7. Being a pro at moving in and out of your dorm.

While everyone else is lugging around boxes and suitcases that are about to explode, you’ve learned that those college packing lists are full of unnecessary items. You’re traveling light with just the basics.

8. Evolving your wardrobe.

Did you really show up on your first day of college wearing that flowery top you’ve had since middle school? On the days that you choose not to gallivant around in yesterday’s pajamas, your sense of style is much more mature now.


9. The dread of the real world

They say that the real world is more like high school than college. Now that you’ve gotten used to the feel of college, you’re terrified of stepping back into an environment that mirrors your high school.

10. The mandatory “last first day of school” photo.

It’s required that you show off that cute outfit so your fans and admirers can remember your fabulousness for years after you’ve graduated.

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11. Finals feeling much more…final this time around.

The word “final” rings true for seniors. Just think: this is the last time you’ll have to attempt to cram 4 months of information into one night of studying. And you actually might miss it.

12. Having to the perfect grad cap decorations.

Should it be funny or stylish? Rhinestones or ribbons? Disney quote or Dr. Seuss? What if no one understands the reference to that Netflix show? So many decisions.


13. Seeing people who have been MIA since your freshman orientation.

That adorable guy you spoke with briefly at orientation and never saw again is sitting behind you at graduation! Note to self: make sure back of head is extra cute on the big day.


14. Feeling the terror of post-college job hunting.

Are the horror stories true? Does a college degree really not make a difference to employers? Do they discriminate based on the school you went to? Is all hope completely lost?


15. Realizing how much you’re going to miss your school.

This campus has felt more like home than your actual house for the past four years. You know exactly how much laundry each washer in the basement can handle. You’ve developed a love-hate relationship with the cafeteria food and the uneven brick pathways. You’ve made the best friends of your life here. This chapter of your life may be coming to a close, but you’ll definitely be back for homecoming and all the alumni events. You’re a (insert mascot here) for life!

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