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15 Things Only College Seniors Can Relate To

There are some things that only college seniors understand. Sure, maybe college students may understand these things to a certain extent, but it isn’t until your senior year when you really start to get the picture. If you are graduating this year, or even if you have already graduated, you will definitely be able to relate to these 15 things only college seniors understand!

1. Your graduation is approaching quicker than you ever expected.

Being a college senior means you’re finally graduating! Now it’s time to start prepping those resumes and getting those grad invites in the mail!

2. …Which means you know “Adulting” is right around the corner.

Being in the real world means having real obligations. Enjoy these last months of freedom while they last!

3. College seniors are pretty much over the party lifestyle.

We’ve done it so much, we already know what to expect. Leave it to the underclassman to wild out now.

4. When you try to go out anyway, you immediately feel too old.

You notice there are mostly 18 or 19 year-olds at bars or clubs, and immediately feel like you’re the oldest person in the room. The age gap isn’t that much, but you definitely feel it.

5. Job fairs become a fairly regular routine.

You’re in college to get a job after you graduate, so there are many job fairs to attend in hopes of accomplishing your goal.

6. College seniors can’t help but think that college freshmen are real annoying.

Every senior thinks freshmen are annoying! It may not be all the time, but that thought pops up at least once a week…

7. The only time college seniors are on campus is for class or studying.

The only priority a senior has is to graduate! No one has time to hang around campus for hours like when we started college.

8. The classes are way more demanding.

When you first start college, you take the basic pre-requisite courses like your Math, English, and Science. Once you reach those upper level classes, assignments become more time consuming and that becomes your main priority.

9. You try to milk the “broke college student” thing as much as you can.

There is no such sympathy for a “broke recent graduate.” Every college student loves to use the “broke college student” line because most of the time we are and family members will give you money. Sooner than you think, family won’t give you money once you graduate because you will have a “real job.”

10. You can actually function with no sleep.

After years of college and knowing how the routine works, you can master the art of no sleep. There should definitely been an award, because that is truly commendable!

11. You don’t care what you look like when walking around campus.

When you were a young freshman, appearance mattered. After noticing that everyone doesn’t care what he or she looks like, you adopted that same trait! T-shirt and sweatpants it is!

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12. You seriously think about cleaning up your social media accounts.

Potential employers always go through your social media accounts to see what kind of person they’re hiring. So it might be in your best interest to delete that drunken pic from sophomore year!

13. The senioritis struggle is real!

You experienced this in high school, but it becomes extremely real in college! The more freedom you have makes you not want to do anything at all!


14. You actually have to start thinking about life after college.

We all imagine life after college and it seems so far away when you’re a freshman, but it suddenly hits you that it will soon be over. Now you have to start thinking long term and that can be scary!

15. Knowing your hard work is about to finally pay off makes everything all worth it.

College is a long, hard, road to travel, but once it’s over you will feel a huge sigh of relief! Your hard work paid off, and soon it will be time to start paying off those student loans!

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Kourtney Williams

Kourtney is a senior at Southeastern Louisiana University majoring in Communication. She’s obsessed with everything pop culture and hopes to become an entertainment journalist after she graduates!

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