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15 Things That Actually Happen During Sorority Rush at UA

Going through rush at the largest Greek school in the country can be quite overwhelming. You hear about things, you can read about things, but you never quite get it until you’re the one going through it. Well, keep reading for 15 things that actually happen during Sorority Rush at UA!

1. Dressing for Sorority Rush at UA is like trying to figure out what to wear to New York Fashion Week.

You know that everyone is going to wear the trendiest of outfits, so you want to make sure that you’re on an even playing field with them.

2. You make sure you are on your “A” game when walking into a house.

When you’re going house to house, you have to be on your “A” game because if you seem uninterested during the conversation, then the house could potentially not invite you back. So confidence is key, you gotta walk into the house like you own the place (but not in a cocky way).

3. When you’re running from house to house in between parties you’re basically running in the Olympics.

Running from house to house in-between parties is very similar to running in the Olympics. You gotta make sure that you aren’t late, so it really is a race.

4. Getting ready for Sorority Rush at UA is like getting ready for the Oscars.

Pampering for these events is also similar to getting ready for the Oscars. You have to have your hair done, nails perfectly painted, and your makeup done to the best of your ability.


5. There is nothing you want more than a shower at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, especially if you are rushing in a state with high humidity like Alabama, you are going to feel so completely disgusting that night that a shower will quickly become your best friend.

6. You will assume right off the bat which house is best for you.

If you truly feel like you belong somewhere, great! But remember it is so important to keep an open mind during this process. It is so easy to think “oh I’m for sure going to be a ___”. So throughout the week, have so much fun, because you only get to do it once. Tell yourself that whatever is meant to happen will happen and that you are going to do great.

7. The thought that you might pass out any second from exhaustion crosses your mind…more than once.

Like I have said above, going through this process is so emotionally and physically draining, that you’re going to want to make sure that you bring tons of snacks so you stay full all day long, because no one wants to pass out during rush.

8. You force yourself to continue smiling while they open the doors and sing loudly at you.

It is normal to be completely and utterly terrified when the houses open their doors and start singing to you at the top of their lungs. Just keep smiling because it will be over before you know it and you will be inside the air conditioning.

9. You will be typing notes away furiously into your phone so you can remember every house.

At a school like Alabama, there are so many sorority houses that it can sometimes be hard to remember them all. Make sure that you take tons of notes so that way when you go to vote, it is easy to remember which ones you loved and which ones you didn’t.

10. You feel torn between acting like a picture perfect person and just being yourself.

It is easy to get carried away and think that you need to put on some sort of front so you seem like this picture perfect person, but in reality it is crucial to be yourself, because you want to end up in a house that allows you to be just that.

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11. You feel like a kid waiting for Santa the night before you receive your bid.

The night before bid day will feel like Christmas Eve, it is such an amazing feeling knowing that the next day you will end up at the house that is meant to be yours.

12. You feel giddy AF entering Bryant Denny Stadium for Bid Day.

Bid Day comes and as you enter Bryant Denny Stadium, you realize that all of the girls around you are about to go through the same thing as you – which is so exciting!

13. Opening your bid letter is like sitting under Hogwart’s Sorting Hat without Slytherin being an option.

Then it comes to opening your bid and when you do, it is the greatest feeling in the world knowing that you are going to the house that loves you and wants you.

14. Your heart flips as you run towards your new house after opening your bid.

Running to your new house and sisters is one of the most exciting parts, you just want to push everyone aside and just bolt.

15. You breathe a sigh of relief when you finally feel at home with your sisters and realize everything was worth it.

Then it is the best part about Sorority Rush at UA – being with your sisters, which makes the entire week worth it.
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