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15 Summer Looks You Have To Wear This Year

15 Summer Looks You Have To Wear This Year

Summer time is finally here! I searched far and wide to bring you this season’s hottest trends. Here are 15 summer looks you need to wear this year.

1.Beige Overalls 

This Summer look consist of beige overalls and a white t-shirt paired with white sneakers. These colors would look great with gold jewelry and the light material will keep you cool all summer. It’ll be easy to match shoes and accessories with this outfit since everything goes with neutral. This is a very loose fit and comfortable outfit perfect for the heat.

2. Blue Overalls 

This Summer look consist of blue overalls and beige sneakers. It’s coastal theme makes it the perfect beach vacation outfit. The gold choker necklace is really pretty and looks good with the overalls. It’s a nice dinner outfit to wear on vacation.


3. Black Maxi Skirt 

This summer look is a black maxi skirt with white stripes worn with a plain black tank top and white sneakers. Sunglasses really do make an outfit look better, because this outfit doesn’t look as good without them. This is a very casual summer outfit, perfect for hanging out with friends and family.

4. White Crop Tank With Dress Pants

This summer look feels very artsy. I would assume whoever was wearing this outfit had a creative side, like a poet. It’s a white spaghetti strap tank top with black stripes worn with dark yellow dress pants, and black mules. This is a great business casual outfit to wear during the summer, like if you were interviewing for a summer internship.

5. Floral Thigh Split Dress

When in doubt, wear a dress. This summer look is a burgundy floral thigh split dress that is simple, easy, quick. You can pair it with heels, sandals, or sneakers. I recommend sneakers because they always look good with sundresses. White or off-white platform sneakers would look great with this outfit.


6. Green Crop Tank With Dress Pants 

These boots are so cute. This summer look is a green and beige patterned cropped tank top with light brown dress pants, and green platform go go boots. The cherry earrings and choker necklace makes this outfit work. This is definitely an outfit I would recommend wearing. It’s so pretty.

7. Floral Crop Tank With Paper Bag Pants 

Here is another look you should wear this year. This look is perfect for both Spring and Summer. It’s a beige spaghetti strap floral crop top with blue paper bag pants and black flats. The gold earrings and shades pair nicely with this outfit, and the light teal bag is a perfect pop of color. 

8. Rib Knit Tank With Black High Waisted Jeans 

These shoes are perfect. I love them so much. The burnt orange tank top and black high waisted jeans look great together, but it could never get the edgy cool-girl look without these shoes. Platforms are always a great choice for when you want to add some extra height to your look because they are easy to walk and it feels like your wearing flats. This is a beautiful summer look that I highly recommend you copy.


9. Sage Green Thigh Split Skirt

This summer look consist of a sage green thigh split skirt, a black tank top, and black combat boots. I love how the socks match the jewelry instead of the clothes, and the choker necklace is so cute. Overall, this outfit is perfect for summer. I definitely recommend copying this look.

10. Polka Dot Overalls 

This summer look has got to be my favorite. Everything flows so we’ll together and would look great with gold jewelry. This outfit is a beige tee underneath a burgundy polka dot overall with dark beige sneakers. The comfortable and loose fit of the overalls will help you beat the heat this season.

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11. Striped Crop Tank With Beige Pants 

You need to copy this outfit this year, it’s so pretty. This summer look is a multicolored striped tank top with beige pants and black sandals. The bright multicolored pattern of the tank top gives the outfit a summer time theme and the shades make the outfit even better.

12. Burnt Orange Overalls 

This summer look consist of burnt orange overalls and gold flats. This outfit prioritizes comfort. There’s no tucking, tying, or adjusting needed. You just throw it on and go about your day. Overalls are a great summer look for those who don’t feel they have their own style yet. Like dresses, overalls are a one piece outfit that can make people think you have top tier style. All you have to do is find the colors that look best on you and add a few accessories.

13. Burnt Orange High-Low Skirt

This summer look is a little less casual, but still great for going out. The white tee keeps the high-low skirt from looking too dressy. If you want, you can switch out the sandals for white or beige sneakers  for extra comfort. It can be a date night outfit for your summer romance. This outfit is comfortable while still looking a bit formal. 


14. Yellow Maxi Skirt

This summer look is great for people who don’t like feeling too dressy. It’s just a simple graphic tee, a maxi skirt and some sandals. This is another outfit that prioritizes comfort. I can’t feel good in my clothes if I’m not comfortable in them, and if you don’t feel good, you won’t look good. Maxi skirts are stretchy, soft, and relaxing, so you can feel confident in your outfit because you feel good in your clothes.

15. Green Two Piece 

This is another summer look you need to wear this year. You dress it up or down by wearing a nice pair of dress shoes or some sneakers. It’s simple, comfortable, and sage green. I don’t know when it started, but the rapid rise in popularity of sage green has been everywhere. More people are using the color in interior design,  clothing, and accessories, so hop on the bandwagon while you can.

Which Summer look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Featured photo: JO & KEMP via Pinterest