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15 Stunning Short Hairstyles For Women

15 Stunning Short Hairstyles For Women

Short hairstyles for women are making a comeback. If you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle, these 15 images are sure to bring some inspiration.

1. Layers

It’s hard to picture short hairstyles with layers, but the short cut pictured below pulls it off and adds major texture. This is one of the short hairstyles that gives the appearance of bangs but can be styled so they are mixed in with the rest of the cut.

2. Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts aren’t just for mystical creatures. You can feel just as magical in one of the most popular of the short hairstyles. It can be sassy, flirty, edgy, or fierce. Who knew you could do so much with so little? Well, we did; that’s why we needed to show you.


3. Long Bob

This look is newly notorious for the short hairstyles family. What’s lovingly referred to as the “lob,” is the long bob. This is the baby transition if you aren’t ready to go full rebel and cut off all of your long luscious locks. It offers a little more hair to play with, and if you still need to throw it up out of your face, there’s enough length left.

4. Super Short

You know, hair is hot. And we mean temperature-wise. So, going for this edgier style for short hairstyles will help you stand out and stay cool. With a buzz on the lower half of the head and a longer layer on top, you’ll be daring anybody to question your authority. It’s a hassle-free hairstyle with minimal styling effort and maintenance required. It’s perfect for the on-the-go boss babe or hectic and busy mom.

5. Longer Pixie

This longer pixie cut allows a little more flexibility in the short hairstyles world. With a little more length on one side, you can pin it back and gain some volume. Or, straighten it down with a little flip for an effortless look with just as much maintenance. You’ll look like you just stepped out of the salon every day with this trendy short hairstyle.


6. Perfect Short Length

If you have seen Raelle in Motherland Fort Salem, you’ll know she’s an icon for short hairstyles. The actress serves up so many versatile looks with her short style. She’s a badass in the show and her hair only acts as the perfect accessory for her attitude. Her’s is one of the short hairstyles that makes you wonder why you haven’t run down to the salon already and cut it all off. But stay away from the kitchen scissors, this is one for the pros.

7. Buzzed

If you’re feeling like you really want a change, don’t just go for a typical cut in the short hairstyles category. Go ahead and buzz half your head. Don’t look at us like we are crazy. Women are rocking this style all over. It’s a complete power move. You’re in charge of your own style. Go ahead, grab your boyfriend’s clippers and maintain the mane from the comfort of your own home. Talk about low maintenance. Throw some mousse on that gorgeous queen of short hairstyles. Make Johnathan Van Ness Proud queen!

8. Angled Bob

Angling the bob is a classic move in the short hairstyles category that helps bring attention to your face. And, let’s be real ladies, that’s what we really want everyone looking at. Yes, this is a classic short hairstyle, but that’s because it highlights your best feature: your face. Angle that bob and start catching all the looks, ladies.


9. Deep Side Part

The beautiful thing about short hairstyles is they let you pick your part and change it up every day. Doing a deeper side part with short hairstyles helps you add a volume on top that longer hairstyles don’t have the same capacity to maintain. If you keep the length fairly uniform throughout your short cut, you can quickly style and tousle it to your heart’s desire.

10. Bangs

Adding some bangs can make you feel like you didn’t lose all of your hair when you cut it short. They give you another component to style and play with. You can add some sparkle with clips or pins. Give them a little curl in the morning and your short hairstyle will look professionally done every morning.

11. Bob/Pixie Hybrid

Not quite a pixie and not quite a bob. This is one of those short hairstyles you aren’t sure what to name it but you love it regardless. Look how messy and elegant it looks all at the same time. We’re guessing you just have to put some mousse in your hands, tousle it, and walk out the door. Does it get any easier? This takes the cake as the most classic and cute in the short hairstyles department.

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12. Longer Bob

Lucy Hale joined the world of short hairstyles with her new look. She looks elegant and older in the best ways with her new style. We’re sure she loves the shorter look and we couldn’t agree more. It looks great and timeless. She’s an image worth replicating for any woman.

13. Beachy Waves

Keep those beachy waves coming with these short hairstyles. It seems as though the shorter hairstyles make it easier to get those perfectly messy waves. On an even more positive note, it takes less time to style them because there’s less hair to work with. With a little curl and a little texturizing salt spray, it will look like you’ve just come out of the ocean. We won’t tell if you’re in a landlocked home if you don’t!


14. Professional and cute

Let’s flip that saying. Business in the back and party in the front. That’s where all the fun comes from in this envy-worthy short hairstyle. You know any woman with this cut means business.

15. Relaxed Curls

Easy curls that take a small amount of time on your part give these kinds of short hairstyles major volume. And, bonus, you can definitely tell people it’s natural. We won’t tell and we know people will believe you. A short hairstyle with layers and styling products can be the perfect complement to any outfit. And guess whatit’s not anything you need to root through your closet for!


What number on the short hairstyles list are you ready to rock? Let us know below!