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15 Struggles of College Students (According to Kids)

15 Struggles of College Students (According to Kids)

Keep reading for 15 struggles of college students… according to kids!

1. Having to contain your excitement when your school is destroying the other team.

2. When you think you’re prepared for your test, but none of the study guide is on the actual exam.

3. Trying to round up all of your money to see if you have enough to go out for the night.

4. When random frat boys try to make moves, but you are not interested.

5. When your neighbors make a ridiculous amount of noise and you try to figure out why… or how…

6. Downing tons of food because of stress alone.


7. Waking up in the morning might actually be the worst thing ever.

8. When a guy you don’t know comes up behind you and tries to dance on you.

9. Having to pay for tuition, and food, and books, and everything else college makes us pay for.

10. When your mom and dad come to visit for Parent’s Weekend and they try to fit in.

11. Going to your lab for the first time.

12. Trying to get someone’s attention by killing it on the dance floor.


13. Having to go to extreme measures to keep to your diet.

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14. When you completely forget to study but hope you still pass.


15. Hoping that you have chosen the right career path.

When the year finally comes to an end, and you get to say goodbye to your professors, it’s all completely worth it in the end.

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