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15 Stories of The Moment Where People Realized That His/Her “Friends” weren’t actually His/Her Friends

15 Stories of The Moment Where People Realized That His/Her “Friends” weren’t actually His/Her Friends

On January 6, Reddit user u/Idk_how_to_reddit- asked fellow Redditors who are part of the r/AskReddit Community, “When did you realize your “Friends” weren’t actually your friends?” In an instant, the Reddit thread went quickly viral and as of January 11, has over 15,300 responses.

Now, with all of that information being said, let’s take a look the following 15 Stories of The Moment Where People Realized That His/Her “Friends” Weren’t Actually His/Her Friends:

1. Moment #1 – Not Being There For This Reddit User In A Time of Need:

“Mom got cancer and I had to come home and drop out of college to help the family, said I might need some emotional support etc and got ghosted the next day, real shitty part is I helped one of them with their grandmother’s cancer and brothers attempted suicide.”


-Redditor Fallen_Walrus

2. Moment #2 – The Group’s Reaction When This Reddit User Said She Had Depression:

“When I was in deep depression and finally opened up to my friends and they made fun of me saying I was only trying to get attention.


Edit: I did NOT expect this to get so much attention, I thought it was simply gonna get buried and forgotten. But for those who asked I am much better now and I haven’t spoken to them in years. Also, thanks for the awards.”

-Redditor Witchingly-witchy


3. Moment #3 – When The Ambulance Doors Closed:

“When I had a large hole in my foot after stepping on an iron spike. They laughed as the ambulance guys closed the doors. One of the ambulance guys said “Some friends you’ve got there.” I realized he was right.”

-Redditor summmerboozin


4. Moment #4 – The Bad Influence of The Fat Friend:

“I had a friend who was obese, and I was of an average size. As we spent more time together, I realized I was gaining rapid weight. It hit me that everything she wanted to do involved food. As soon as I began to say no to offers of food, her attitude changed towards me. She became bitter and passive aggressive, saying I wasn’t “fun” anymore that I was trying to prove something and fooling myself. It’s a lot like a drinker who doesn’t want to drink alone. The less I would partake, the more we drifted apart. We no longer have any contact and that was years ago. I hope she’s taken better care of herself and is doing well nevertheless.”

-Redditor mb33388


5. Moment #5 – How Mean and Volatile Some of This Reddit User’s Friends & Family Members Became After Trump Got Elected:

“First of all, I don’t particularly like or support Pres. Trump. But after he became president, I noticed a lot of my friends and family turned particularly volatile, more than was called for if you just don’t like the current president. People I love posted horrible memes, spread lie after lie without doing any research, believed everything mainstream media taught them, and so on. One of them even managed to blame Trump for Kobe Bryant’s death. I would read these posts and texts from these people, and shake my head in disbelief. Tried to reason with them to at least reach a middle ground, but they were all so sure they were right. What disappointed me in these people had nothing to do with politics. It’s that I had no idea that they could be so mean, unfeeling, rude, tasteless and classless. I mean, if we had been watching competing cooking shows and they had acted this way, I would have concluded the same thing. It was a sad thing to discover the real people underneath all the surface bull****.

-Redditor Evil_Big_Sister


6. Moment #6 – Desperately Begging The Other Members of The Group To Hang Out:

“When I realised I was practically harassing them to hang out with me. Just gotta get some self respect and learn to let it go

Edit: thanks so much the awards everyone! I shall hang them on my wall!

-Redditor bee-have


7. Moment #7 – The Friend Who “Sold” Me For Weed:

“Went drinking with my best friends. We were a group of 5 college girls having a blast at a bar. I got drunk, but was still remember some of what was happening.

We were leaving the bar and a guy was talking to one of my friends (let’s call her friend G). He came over and grabbed me by the waist and he said “your friends are following us to my place. Lets go to my truck.” I was drunk and this guy was still holding me while we walked to the parking lot. I was about to get in this guy’s truck when another friend ran and grabbed me.


Later I found out that my “friend” G had made a deal with this guy: he gave her weed in exchange of her fooling me to go alone to his place. My friend “sold” me for weed.

Edit: Didn’t know this was going to blow up! Thank you for the awards, and especially for your concern. I honestly didn’t think much about the reality of what happened until after I told the guy I was dating back then. He was rightfully enraged.”

-Redditor frescafrescacool


8. Moment #8 – The Really F***ed Up Comment:

“My best friend shamed me for not going to a beer tasting event during the pandemic in a national CoVID hotspot. He than said I had a better chance of dying in a car accident.

He told me this 5 years and 2 months after my daughter was killed by a drunk driver in a head on collision.”


-Redditor S-Polychronopolis

9. Moment #9 – Inappropriate Behavior In The Group Chat:

“‘m 42 years old and had a group of friends (all around the same age) that I rode motorcycles with and were all in my wedding party. We all knew each other for about 12 years or so. All of a sudden in our group chat thread, they all started posting inappropriate pics almost every day. Started with topless girls on motorcycles then turned into full on porn. I’m a teacher and especially during this remote learning I can not risk having something like that pop up in my notifications. When I explained this to them, the entire group ghosted me. That was about 6 months ago and we haven’t spoken since.”


-Redditor swiftler79

10. Moment #10 – When They Chose Him Over Me

“When I said I couldn’t deal with the stress of keeping in contact with my abusive, rapist ex and they all said they didn’t want to lose his friendship when I drew the line in the sand.”

See Also

-Redditor Iplaythebaboon


11. Moment #11 – What This Reddit User’s Former Friend Did To Her For “Stealing The Spotlight”:

“When I tried to be her wing women for this guy she was crushing on, but the guy liked me instead, so she crushed up some of her Xanax and put it in my drink, and then left me by the side of some old train tracks.

Edit: wow I didn’t expect this to blow up like it did. Thank you to everyone wishing me well. To give a bit more info to the whole thing.

No, I did not contact the police. At the time I was with a very controlling narcissistic partner and my first thought upon waking actually revolved around what would happen to me if he found out. I thought I somehow blacked out on two drinks and this was all my fault. So I did not tell anyone for a long time. However, she did. Being the person that she was, she actually bragged to a mutual friend of ours about what she did for “stealing the spotlight” and that’s how I came to know it was her and the drug she used. After our mutual friend found out she came and told me and then everyone stopped being friends with the psycho. I never ever in a million years I thought I would need to protect myself against another woman while drinking, let alone a friend. I have severe trust issues now, but I guess it’s better than being naive?”


-Redditor LovelyLittleJay

12. Moment #12 – Coming Out

“When I came out! And POOF. No one was around anymore..”


-Redditor MerGoatRoybal

13. Moment #13 – The Incident During A Game of Horse:

“We were playing a friendly game of horse when I went for a lay-up, and one of my friends at the time pushed me so hard in mid air that I fell down and my whole side hurt, he then said “get up pussy” and laughed, so I called him a cunt, left, and never talked to them again. Also about a month ago I heard that the same guy was having sexual relations with underage girls, and I was glad that I had left that day, let that guy keep making those mistakes and end up in jail, I don’t give a f*** anymore.”


-Redditor YungZosh

14. Moment #14 – The Incident in Cuba:

“When they left me bleeding and concussed on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in Cuba to find my way back to the resort completely disoriented.”


-Redditor DragoWonInRealLife

15. Moment #15 – The Friends’ Opinion About Biracial Relationships:

“When my “friend” shared with me that she thought interracial relationships were unnatural, and being biracial that comment hurt me. I asked her if she then thought that I was a freak for existing and she couldn’t really answer me. I stopped talking to her after that.”


-Redditor psshbiteme

Which of these moments left you heartbroken or in a deep state of shock the most? Let us know which moment(s) down below in the comments section!

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