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15 Stories of People Sharing What They Discovered After Hiring A Private Investigator

On December 9, 2020, Reddit user u/edgeworth_  asked fellow Redditors who are part of the r/AskReddit Community, “Redditors who have hired a private investigator…what did you find out?” In an instant, the Reddit thread went quickly viral and as of January 12, 2021, has over 8,100 responses. 

Now, with all of that information being said, let’s take a look the following 15 Stories of People Sharing What They Discovered After Hiring A Private Investigator:

1. Private Investigator Story #1 – What Happened When This Reddit User’s Friend Hired A Private Investigator To See If His Stepfather Was Cheating on His Mom:

“Not me, but a friend hired one because he was suspicious his stepdad was being unfaithful to his mom. So, he asked me, and I put him in contact with a guy I knew.

Bit of a backstory, the stepdad is 5’10”, 160ish pounds. My friend is 6’2” 235 pounds, ripped. At 15, when my friend’s mom and stepdad started dating, my friend gave the the typical “you hurt her, you’re dead” speech. Also his bio dad walked out on him and his sister when my friend was like 4. It took a while, but my friend warmed up to the guy and he’s a good guy (took my friend and I to an 49ers game once which was pretty cool).

Anyways, the PI said he wasn’t cheating. Apparently there was a house on the market that my friend’s mom wanted, and he bought it. He had been remodeling it for some time and he kept it a secret. As a 5-year anniversary gift to her, he bought it. Anyways, they live in a five-bed house now.”

-Redditor Dchung0217

2. Private Investigator Story #2 – The One Where The Private Investigator Was Hired To Investigate This Reddit User:

“I had a private investigator hired to investigate me. My ex had hired the PI to find me for who knows why. The PI ended up calling me to warn me. He said he felt it was his duty to let me know he was hired to investigate me, but got bad vibes from my ex and he seemed like a major creep. The PI basically warned me because he was worried about my safety. My ex stopped harassing me once I got the cops involved.” 

-Redditor assholeveterinarian

3. Private Investigator Story #3 – What Happened To The Childhood Bully Who Made My Significant Others’ Life Hell:

“In his twenties, my SO hired a Private Investigator to find out what had become of the childhood bully who had made his life hell, and who had vowed to kill him. Actually, he did try by bringing a loaded gun to school, but some other kid ratted him out & the bully got expelled—but still lived in the neighborhood for a few more years & beat up my SO every chance he got.

The PI found the bully living in a town more than an hour outside the big city, in a dead-end job. He’d been arrested for assault and public drunkenness a couple times.

That info helped my SO get past his fear that the guy would find him some day & make good on his threat.”

-Redditor SnooPickles3213

4. Private Investigator Story #4 – The Suspicious Behavior of The Fiancee of One of This Reddit User’s Friends:

“Friend of mine hired a Private Investigator to investigate what his fiancee was up to. Her behavior had gotten super erratic a few years into dating her and he didn’t want to leave her, but also wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting into before he married her. Judge him all you want, but he was in tough spot and was running out of choices and had literally changed his whole life around to make it work with her. Turned out she was dealing and doing drugs, and it all started very recently. It was pretty sad. He ended up telling her, and she broke down and tried to change, and he thought she had but she was just hiding it better, and a few months later was driving down the road and saw her surrounded by a few cop cars and was busted with a bunch of drugs. When he went to jail there was some other random dude there waiting to pick her up that he’d never seen before. It was over at that point as you can imagine.”

-Redditor DismalDisplay6

5. Private Investigator Story #5 – The Bluebeard:

“My grandmothers first “boyfriend” after my grandfather died said he was a retired cop and a veteran. They enjoyed dancing to country music together, and bought a new car, in her name though, even though she can’t drive anymore.

My uncles hired a PI. Turns out, that old bastard had a habit of shacking up with widows and bleeding them dry. (The boyfriend not the private investigator).”

-Redditor SimonSaysx

6. Private Investigator Story #6 – The Drunk Driving Girlfriend:

“A fellow parent at daycare told me that I shouldn’t let my girlfriend drive my kids home from daycare. They wouldn’t comment more. I almost brushed it off, but it seemed bizarre coming from basically a stranger, but I decided to hire a private investigator just for the hell of it. The private investigator took one day to get back to me and said he suspected she was driving drunk. When I did some investigation of my own the next day after finding out, I estimated she was likely drinking a half bottle of vodka before picking them up.

I told her to immediately move out. Who would agree to get them when they were drinking half the day? The f*** is wrong with a person like that? I didnt catch her drinking habit because we had opposite schedules. She was literally just picking them up as a courtesy. I could have gotten them 30 minutes later the days she was doing it. Addiction just completely cook her, I guess.”

-Redditor Smodphan

7. Private Investigator Story #7 – My Drug Dealing Grandmother:

“My grandfather once hired a PI to investigate my grandmother. While spying on her from his car another investigator he knew came up frantically to his window and was like “what are you doing here!?” To which his response was obviously “What are YOU doing here?”

Turns out my grandmother was being investigated by the DEA for drug dealing. I don’t think anything came of it that I know of but we’re all pretty certain it’s the reason the old family barn was burned down. That woman if batshit crazy and this isn’t even the worst/wackiest story I’ve been told about her.” 

-Redditor MaethrilliansFate

8. Private Investigator Story #8 – The Search For A Relative’s Biological Mom:

“I was a kid when this happened so the details are a bit shaky but here’s the gist.

My dad and his sister were adopted at young ages (they are not blood related siblings). They have no recollection of their birth parents and have had no contact.

When my aunt was engaged to her fiancé (a black man, this is relevant. She is white), she insisted that as a wedding present, she wanted her biological mom at the wedding.She hired a private investigator who within a few weeks found her biological mom on the outskirts of town, living in a trailer park. Excited, she and her fiance went to go pay her a visit in person only to find out that the mom was a meth’d up racist French ass**** with no teeth and yelled obscenities at her fiance when they arrived and introduced themselves as family. My aunt was beat up over it for a while. They never spoke to her biological mom again.

As a result, my dad refuses to find out who his biological parents are.”

-Redditor OllieAlleOllio

9. Private Investigator Story #9 – To See What Happened To One of This Reddit User’s Mom’s Former Boyfriends:

“Not a PI but my girlfriend’s mother wanted to find an old British boyfriend she got when she was young. This was before Facebook and all that and he was an old guy and didn’t have any online presence at all, but I was able to track him down through one of his daughters. When we tried to contact him he was elusive and suspicious. He didn’t believe me at first. When they finally met he explain that he receive a lot of harassment for his believes. Turn out he was an holocaust denier and wrote a book about that. The conclusion of my girlfriend’s mother was that sometimes is better to leave things in the past.”

-Redditor PedroFPardo

10. Private Investigator Story #10 – The Private Investigator Triangle:

“I got hired to look at into another PI just to ensure he was doing his job. Later we found out that each of us were looking for each other to be investigated. There were 3 of us.”

-Redditor somerandomasskid

See Also

11. Private Investigator Story #11 – The Babysitter Thief:

“Had a babysitter we thought was stealing from us, luckily our neighbor was a PI couple and they ran a background check for $10. Babysitter had a string of DUIs and a few days before a large fine was due, my camera disappeared. He also stole money from my kids piggy banks.

He sort of disappeared but was also really into Instagram so I surreptitiously followed him. He started babysitting again for a single mom (easy target) and posted a lot of ‘fun’ pics with this family. I tracked down the mom and sent her a long email detailing out his whole scam. She said we were right and it was clear he’d been stealing from her business.

He has since gone underground but I still Google him regularly to see what he’s up to. He’s been able to avoid arrests for a while now.”

-Redditor dewayneestes

12. Private Investigator Story #12 – The One Where This Reddit User’s Parents Hired A Private Investigator:

“I didn’t hire one, but my parents did. I was 14 and met another “teen” online. My parents knew if they came down on me or forbid me to talk to him, I would rebel big time. So they hired [a private investigator] and sat me down to tell me it was actually a 40 year old man who had been grooming me and was trying to lure me to his state.

I’m forever thankful they did that, and honestly up until last week I never told a soul this, but it came out in therapy and I started to heal from it and take my power back.

Seriously, I can’t say it enough: parents, please monitor your kid’s online friendships.”

-Redditor juhreen

13. Private Investigator Story #13 – The Injury Scam:

“We hired one for a claim when a guy said he was immobile and permanently injured from a car accident. He wanted like $8-$10 million dollars but was offered $750k. Weekend before the trial ended the PI we hired got him on video installed a new roof on his house. He got nothing.”

-Redditor Midnightdreamer736

14. Private Investigator Story #14 – My Online Boyfriend:

“My parents hired a private investigator to find out who my online bf was when I was 13.

The Private Investigator came back and told us he was just a fat ass 13 yo… lmfao.”

-Redditor hm_ellie

15. Private Investigator Story #15 – The Pet Searcher:

“I know someone that hired a pet detective to find their cat and he f***ing found him.”

-Redditor eftah1991

Which of the Private Investigator Stories mentioned above stood out to you the most? Let us know which Private Investigator Stories down below in the comments section!

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