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15 Stories of People Sharing His/Her Darkest Family Secret

On January 9, Reddit user u/Al-Anka asked fellow Redditors who are part of the r/AskReddit Community, “What is your Darkest family secret?” In an instant, the Reddit thread went quickly viral and as of January 18, has over 7,700 responses. 

Now, with all of that information being said, let’s take a look the following 15 Stories of People Sharing His/Her Darkest Family Secret: 

1. Darkest Family Secret Story #1 – The Poisoned Donuts:

“One family member killed another by leaving a bag of poisoned donuts on the front steps. We are now “hesitant” about accepting donuts.”

-Redditor grouchycyborg

2. Darkest Family Secret Story #2 – The Notorious Bomber That This Reddit User Is Related To:

“In the film Driving Miss Daisy, when the chauffeur (played by Morgan Freeman) is driving Miss Daisy to worship service, they get stuck in a traffic jam. He gets out to see what the hold-up is. When he gets back in, he says “you won’t be going to service today, somebody done bombed the temple.” (Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple, Atlanta, 1958). She says “What – who would do such a thing?”

My uncle, that’s who.”

-Redditor Igotthesilver

3. Darkest Family Secret Story #3 – The Little Detail About The Murder of This Reddit User’s Grandfather That The Grandmother Kept Secret For 65 Years:

“My grandfather was killed in a bar when my father was still a toddler. The official story was that he was murdered over a pinball game (back then pinball was pretty serious, I guess). It wasn’t until recently my grandmother confessed, on her death bed, that my grandfather actually killed someone and buried the body, days before his own demise. So he was actually killed in retaliation for a murder that he committed. My grandmother kept this secret for almost 65 years.”

-Redditor itsovermyhead 

4. Darkest Family Secret Story #4 – She Doesn’t Know That I Know What She Did To Pay Off Credit Card Debt After She Maxed Her Parent’s Credit Card:

“About 20 years ago, one of my female cousins maxed her parent’s credit card. In order to pay it off, she was asking friends, siblings, and other cousins help pay it off because if her parents found out and they would freak. She ended up screwing 3 male cousins who helped her pay off her debt. Nobody knows except them and me. She doesn’t know that I know. One of them told me.”

-Redditor Kingmesomorph

5. Darkest Family Secret Story #5 – Nobody Knew How Unfaithful This Reddit User’s Uncle Was Until After He Passed Away:

“After our uncle passed away, my aunty found out not long after that he had cheated on her and had a daughter with another woman. Only a small handful in our family know of this. Her 2 children have absolutely no idea.”

-Redditor misskitty86

6. Darkest Family Secret Story #6 – The Infamous Person Executed By The Death Penalty That This Reddit User Is Related To:

“Found out last year that I am a direct descendant Thomas Rood. He was the first person to be executed for incest in the US. He raped his daughter Sarah and it came to light when she gave birth to a son named George. My family line is descended from George.”

-Redditor pigseye75

7. Darkest Family Secret Story #7 – The Reason Why My Aunt Had So Many Abortions:

“My aunt (who had one daughter already) aborted six fetuses after finding out it was going to be a girl. She finally had a boy. Abortions are legal in my country but sex selective abortions are not. We have laws in place to prevent hospital staff from revealing the sex of the baby but she paid off the healthcare professionals.”

-Redditor Im_no-1

8. Darkest Family Secret Story #8 – The Brutal Murder of This Reddit User’s First Cousin, Once Removed:

“My cousin, once removed (my parent’s cousin) was kidnapped, raped and tortured by a serial killer. She was (after many days) dropped off near a running path with her neck slit. She lived (unlike the other 3) and she could lead the police to his home. He is still in prison. As a child I heard whispering of it and didn’t find out the whole truth until I was older.

Edit: not great aunt!!! Second cousin! Edit 2: my cousin, once removed.”

-Redditor instrangestofplaces

9. Darkest Family Secret Story #9 – The Relative Who Helped The Nazis During World War II:

“My great uncle assisted the Nazis with deporting and executing Jews in Norway.”

-Redditor grendel8771

10. Darkest Family Secret Story #10 – The Crime That A Relative (Who Has Anti-LGBT Views) of This Reddit User Got Arrested For:

“Dad’s cousin was a prominent Catholic priest known for his staunchly anti-LGBT views. Well, it was quite the surprise when he was arrested trying to solicit a blowjob from an undercover cop at a gay bookstore in New Orleans.”

-Redditor crazedeagle

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11. Darkest Family Secret Story #11 – What This Reddit User’s Mom Walked In On The Night Before His/Her Aunt’s and Uncle’s Wedding:

“My mom walked in on my uncle “servicing” the best man the night before he married my aunt. This was the mid 1960s, so being bi or gay wasn’t something many people admitted to. She said nothing to anyone, only told my dad years later.

EDIT: Wow, this blew up! I thought about deleting it because it’s not really a “dark” family secret. Thank you for the nice comments and awards!”

-Redditor LivingInPugtopia

12. Darkest Family Secret Story #12 – The Person Who This Reddit User’s Mother Was Named After:

“[My family’s Darkest Family Secret is that] My mother is named after her father’s mistress!”

-Redditor loki_dobi

13. Darkest Family Secret Story #13 – The New Wife of This Reddit User’s Great-Grandfather:

“My great grandfather, 64 married a 14 year old girl and outlived her.”

-Redditor paulllis

14. Darkest Family Secret Story #14 – What This Reddit User’s Family Did After The Father Won The Lottery:

“Father won the lottery and we’ve been pretending to be poor so our family doesn’t try to ask for money.”

-Redditor holyydiver32

15. Darkest Family Secret Story #15 – The Ex-Husband of a Great Aunt of This Reddit User Was a Member of The Clan:

“My great aunt’s alcoholic, abusive ex-husband was in the KKK. They found hoods and robes in his trailer when he died. That side of the family is German so pretty sure there’s some Nazi stuff too but unconfirmed. So um…yeah.”

-Redditor the_hummingbird_

From all the the Darkest Family Secret Stories, which one(s) shook and/or stunned you the most? Be sure to let us know which of the Darkest Family Secret Stories did so down below in the comments section!

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