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15 Signs You’re The DD Of Your Friend Group

15 Signs You’re The DD Of Your Friend Group

I have taken care of my friends multiple times as they have taken care of me equally. But there are a few reasons why I stand out as the go-to designated driver among my friends. Other than having a job that makes you work most weekends and being too tired to go out…here are 15 signs you’re the DD of your friends group.

1. You have a large car.

I have a large, noticeable car. I usually only drop about three people off but by the end of the night, I end up with extras that my friends have befriended. I usually get picked to be the DD because my car can hold more than four people.

2. You always have snacks on hand, especially on weekends.

When driving home your drunk friends you always have some sort of food on hand. When I know ahead of time that I’ll be DDing, I usually put some extra pretzels or even a pizza.


3. You have either plastic bags or napkins on hand…or both.

They have alcohol in their system. Most people cannot handle the level that they have had. But no worries, you always have some plastic bags tucked away in your car, just in-case. Most of the time I hand them out to the people that look the worst.

4. You are a careful and observant driver.

You know that your friends are not going to be any help during this time. When picking people up from bars or parties you know that safety is key. Paying attention to the road and being aware of surroundings is something you excel at.

5. Your playlist is true fire.

You know that the party isn’t over when you pick them up. You’re the one that keeps it going with the best songs while driving home. AND you know how to satisfy everyone’s music needs.


6. You can take people to bed like a champ.

You, the DD of your friends, should know. This is a responsibility of yours – you’ve committed to it. You know if they are too drunk to walk straight you’re going to need to walk them up the stairs and tuck them into bed. Sometimes you even put water and Aleve on the counter like the good DD you are.

7. You have killer protective instincts.

You know who your friends need to talk to and who they should avoid. Yes, you know they are going to have a good time, but you will have a watchful eye all night.

8. You keep an eye on phone usage.

You are a truly good friend and keep your friends from posting those inappropriate things you know they would regret. Yes, you will miss some Snapchats, but thanks to you, their Instagram accounts will be flawless with pictures of them looking amazing.


9. You have held hair back numerous times.

You have been in that bathroom at the bar or the party holding your friends hair while she cries into the toilet. It has happened multiple times and it will happen to you again. But you’re the DD (and an amazing friend) so you know this is your job.


10. You can socialize sober.

You do not need alcohol to have a good time and you know that. You of all people know how to keep a conversation going and you have the easiest excuse to not drink excessively. But you can talk and guide your friends to cool people to talk to.


11. You are a good multitasker.

You spend the entire party making friends, watching yours and focusing on yourself. It is a talent you have perfected and plan to use in the business world.

12. At parties, you keep track of jewelry.

You take inventory of what your girls are wearing at the beginning of the party and make sure that all of the items accounted for at the end of the party. No lost bracelets on your watch.

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13. Your drink of choice is usually light beer or water.

Since you’re the DD, you usually can’t drink any hard alcohol but that’s okay, you prefer light beer (or water) over anything else anyways.



14. You dress comfortably to parties.

You know that you’re driving. You know that you are not going to be wanting to drive in uncomfortable, tight clothing with high heels all night. You dress in comfy shorts and a cute top with sneakers, obviously.


15. You know how to wrangle people.

Your friends will most likely wander away from you, even though you are keeping a close eye on them. At the end of the night, you have the final say of when to go home and it’s usually about the time that all your friends are ready too. You know how to call them in and make them go pretty quickly. It’s the ultimate party trick.

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