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15 Signs Your Parents ARE Ready For You To Leave Home

15 Signs Your Parents ARE Ready For You To Leave Home

Eighteen years of parenting is a LONG time. Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure your parents adore you. But you should know: high school seniors are the most difficult age group to deal with on the planet. You’re stuck in an awkward time of wanting to be an adult, but you still live under someone else’s roof. Sure that makes things hard on you sometimes, but it makes things hard on your parents, too. Your parents are going to be fine when you head off to college; you are a lot of work!! In fact, there are a few signs that your parents are more than ready for you to leave home…

1. They cringe every time you mention you’re doing something “adventurous.”

Parents never know what their kid is going to do. Whether it’s a toddler jumping off a piece of furniture, or a 16-year-old going to her first house party, the risks just get scarier as the years go on. If your parents cringe every time you embark on a new adventure, I’d say they are definitely ready for you to take those adventures elsewhere (and without their knowledge).

2. But they cringe even harder when you mention anything requiring their wallet.

Tuition, housing, books, food, Greek life, technology, travel……shall I go on?




3. They used to think your napping habits were cute; now they are mildly concerned.

Remember the days when an hour long nap was incorporated into the daily schedule? Napping is normal, rentals!

4. They get annoyed when you’re always on your phone.

“But I neeeed to respond! It’s so important!”


5. And they complain that you always need to be fed.

I accidentally ate all the leftovers…oops!

6. They leave you (occasionally sassy) notes.

There’s no better way for a parent to communicate than a handwritten note.

7. It seems as though they deliberately do things to annoy you.

“I talked to your ex’s mom today!”


8. They’ve stopped repeating themselves a thousand times.

You’re old enough to do most things for yourself, and they know that yelling at you won’t do very much.

9. They teach you how to do adulty things.

Being an adult is so fun! You get to do laundry, cook, balance a budget…

10. They bring up vacation plans that don’t involve you…

“We’re taking your little brother to NYC for the weekend!” *facepalm*


11. They make fun of your texting lingo.

Bae, idgaf, DM, smh…they just don’t get it.

12. They always want you home earlier.

Me: “I’ll be home by 11!”

See Also


Mom: “How about 10:30?”



13. They give you dirty looks when you watch too much Netflix.

Sorry parents, but sometimes we need to just lay in bed and ignore our responsibilities.


14. The week before you leave, they start treating you like a princess.

Suddenly it’s no big deal to get your nails done, go out to your favorite restaurants, and buy new clothes – it’s like they are more excited for you to leave than you are.

15. They insist on helping you pack.

Definitely a sign they’re trying to get you out of the house. There’s no way they could possibly be trying to lighten your stress…

In all seriousness, freshmen, please remember…

Leaving home is a big deal, and it’s totally normal to be homesick. The more comfortable you get on campus, the easier it will get. Call your parents if you’re having a hard time, because they are there to help you. OBVIOUSLY, your parents will miss you too!!


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