15 Signs You Grew Up In Fairfax County

There are some things only those who are from here will understand. Here are 15 signs you grew up in Fairfax County.

1. You know the north vs. south debacle.

You’ve asked yourself this question a million times. Geographically, Virginia is a southern state, but in every other aspect, Northern Virginia is very much, well, northern. The closest some people have gotten to farmland is Cox Farms. So, are we really southern?

cute farm town

2. You don’t get super excited about D.C. trips.

People from across the country and all over the world get so excited when they get the chance to visit our nation’s capital, but not you. You’ve been going to D.C. for field trips ever since elementary school. You’ve seen protests, congressmen, and all the major tourist spots.

cool D.C. pic

3. You’re familiar with the CLOSEFCPS hashtag.

Loudoun and Prince William County ALWAYS get school off when it snows. Us? Not so much. If you see angry Fairfax County students tweeting “#closefcps” with memes of their superintendent, Ryan McElveen, you know that they got the short end of the stick.

Fairfax County never gets snow days!

4. Oh, the places we’ll go.

You and/or your friends always complain about there being nothing to do in the area, then you remember there’s Old Rag Mountain, Great Falls, Bull Run Park, Fair Oaks, Tyson’s, and Dulles Towne Center.

cool Fairfax County pic by Danielle Faust



5. UVA and Virginia Tech are basically NoVA reunion schools.

In-state tuition AND a top notch education? It’s no surprise that a good portion of your high school is going to go to either of these schools.

cool Faifax County reunion pic


6. And it’s all because of our teachers.

We have incredible resources in our schools to keep up with the high standards set on us. Aside from our prestigious state schools, a large chunk of Northern Virginians find themselves in the Ivy League.

cute book and flowers

7. It’s easier to say, “I’m from D.C.”

People that aren’t from the DMV area might not know why you’ll specify “northern” Virginia. To make things easier on them, you might just go for dubbing the nation’s capital your home.

cool White House pic

8. You’ve had Kline’s and Peterson’s.

Especially if you’re from Fairfax County, you’ll know these two must-visit ice cream spots. And if you’re not from the area, now you have a new bucket list item!

yummy ice cream in the city!

9. You’ve seen all the Civil War battlefields and museums.

Virginia has been a state for quite some time. During the Civil War, it was home to battlegrounds for Union-Confederacy fights.

Virginia has so much history!


10. Confederate names are everywhere.

You might see a few Robert E. Lee’s scattered around the area, whether it be on a school, a street sign, or even at a park dedicated to the guy.

Civil War reenactment VA



11. Such diversity, much wow.

The education quality and the proximity to a major city have drawn in immigrants from all corners and crevices of the globe. At Centreville High School, the student population is approximately 40% non-Hispanic white, 40% Asian, 9% Hispanic, 7% black, and 4% mixed.

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12. You know the gilded “Disneyland.”

Anytime you go into Maryland, you pass by the gargantuan Mormon temple that you used to think was Disneyland.

cool pic of Mormon Temple Maryland


13. Your parents work for the government.

Or you have a friend whose parents do. Of course, you may not even know (oooo, secrecy). With our proximity to the nation’s capital, it’s no surprise that we’re a strong source of a bunch of briefcase commuters.

signs you're from Fairfax County - your parents probably work for the government



14. You know to dress in layers.

Actually, you just don’t care at this point. Forty degrees in the morning and 80 in the afternoon? Bring it on, NoVA weather!

signs you're from Fairfax County - you dress in layers!

15. You don’t realize you have a silver spoon in both your hands.

As someone who was born and raised in Fairfax County, I know it’s easy to forget how hard our parents worked to be able to live in this area. It can be hard to see just how good we have it when you’re constantly surrounded by grand estates and green lawns.

signs you live in Fairfax County - you're surrounded by beautiful homes and green lawns!

Have any other signs you’re from Fairfax County? Comment below!

Featured image source: dpicheviolin.


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