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15 Signs You Go To The University of Florida

15 Signs You Go To The University of Florida

Whether you currently attend the University of Florida, are looking to start next Fall, or have already graduated, you will definitely enjoy these 15 signs!

1. Scooters are considered cool modes of transportation.

You can park anywhere on campus and squeeze your scooter into any parking spot that you deem scooter worthy.

2. Football season is a MUST.

Even if you’re too cheap to buy season tickets, you should still watch! Tailgates on campus are something you should never miss out on, either.


3. Getting hit by a bike is more common than getting hit by a car.

Bikers don’t care about people on two legs, so watch your back.

4. If you ride the RTS bus you have great stories.

Riding these busses is an experience on its own. Someone either gets stuck in the doors, falls in someone’s lap, or you freeze to death.

5. Making it on the SnapChat “Campus” Story is an accomplishment.

You will try very hard to be as creative as possible, but it will never happen for you.


6.The “French Fries” and “The Potato” are not actual food.

They are just places of reference to meet your friends on campus.


7. Purchasing a $100 hammock is the best investment of your college career.

You will set up your hammock all over campus to hang out with fellow hammockers. You can even join the club!

8. You will never find a Coke-a-Cola vending machine on campus.

Because everyone knows that Gatorade is a Pepsi product.


9. You think it’s normal to see a gator on campus.

Gators are students too.

10. Starbucks always has a long line.

Be prepared to stand for long periods of time, but don’t worry, you will get your caffeine fix.

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11. PBS is not known as the children’s education network.

It’s where drunk college students purchase “Pizza by the Slice”.

12. Thursday nights are spent at Rockey’s Dueling Piano Bar.

Ladies get in free and drink free while singing to the best songs played on a piano.

13. Your Study Edge instructor is your actual professor for your class.

Once you start Study Edge, you won’t stop.


14. “Devil’s Den” is one of Gainesville’s many hidden treasures.

You will get the coolest Instagram pictures, promise.

15. Once you become a Gator, you are a Gator for life.

We are a Gator nation.
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