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15 Signs You Go to Kent State

15 Signs You Go to Kent State

Every college is unique, and Kent State University is no exception. Here are 15 signs you go to Kent State! #GoFlashes…whatever a ‘flash’ is supposed to be.

1. The black squirrel doesn’t phase you.

2.  You can finish the sentence, “Kent read, Kent write…”

In a million different ways.



3. You know there’s absolutely NO place to park…

It’s the main reason you’re always late to class!

4. …and when you do find a place to park, it’s illegal.

So you come back to 5 tickets on your car. Thank you, Parking Services.

5. You have at least one selfie with Pres. Bev.

Every time you see her, you just have to take a selfie.


6. All your friends are nursing or fashion majors.

7. …and everyone assumes you’re a nursing or fashion major.

8. You secretly want to get hit by a PARTA bus for that free tuition.

9. You respect May 4th as a day of remembrance.

10. You aren’t sure what to think about the Health Center.

You’re pretty sure the Health Center is run by Grey’s Anatomy fanatics. There’s no way they are real doctors/nurses…

11. And you know for a fact the people in charge of calling snow days are crazy.

You’re 100% sure you would be better at calling snow days than the people currently in charge.

12. You’re familiar with ALL that construction.

Every single time you walk out of your dorm/house/apartment, there is some form of construction going on.

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13. Either you are an upperclassman befriending freshmen…

For their meal plan, obviously.



14. …or you’re an underclassman befriending upperclassmen.

To buy you other “stuff.”

15. You could not imagine yourself at any other school.

Kent is your perfect home!

What are some other signs you go to Kent State? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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