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15 Sexy Halloween Costumes To Look Hot AF

15 Sexy Halloween Costumes To Look Hot AF

Halloween is the special time of year when you get to dress up and become whoever or whatever you want. Whether you’re an angel, a devil, an animal, or a celebrity, you can make anything look good if you try hard enough! With that said, I can guarantee that this list of sexy Halloween costumes will have you looking hot AF.

1. Lilo

This costume is both cute and sexy, and also super simple to pull off. All you need is a red tube top and a green skirt and you’re ready to go! Add an anklet and crown made of fake vines, and accessorize with matching jewelry and a handbag. Don’t forget a stuffed stitch to tag along with you!

2. Tinkerbell

Neverland will never be the same after you show up to a Halloween party in this super cute costume. Tinkerbell is all grown up, and she’s rocking a sparkly green dress and iridescent wings. This costume is also fairly simple; all you’d need is a green dress that’s cut on the ends to mimic Tinkerbell’s as well as a pair of fairy wings so it’s obvious to everyone who you are!


3. Gumball Machine

This costume might sound weird at first, but trust me, it looks amazing! This super sexy Halloween costume takes after the classic candy dispenser that we all know and love. Just take a red pencil skirt and an old tube top that you don’t mind using, along with some cardboard and multi-colored gumballs to turn this outfit into a stunning costume. If you don’t want to use real gumballs, hot glue some pom-poms to your costume instead!

4. Bratz Dolls

Whether you’re Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, or Jade, this costume is definitely fierce and sexy. It’s a great group costume, but it also works perfectly well if you’re on your own! Bratz doll fashion is certainly something special and unique, so research your favorite look and try to copy it. The opportunities are endless for this one, so just have fun with it!

5. Cavewomen

Take it back a few hundreds of thousands of years with this sexy and fun costume! If you’re a fan of leopard print, you most likely already have the necessary attire for this costume, minus the bone accessories. The bones are key for the outfit, so don’t forget them! People will immediately know who you are the second you pull up to the Halloween party.


6. A Boxer

Channel your inner athlete with this next look, and be ready to fight for the best Halloween costume! Top a sports bra and shorts with a silky robe in your preferred color, then break out the boxing gloves. Pair with heels or whatever shoe you’re comfortable with, then it’s time to hit the town! This sexy costume shows off both your fierce and girly sides and it’ll surely be a hit!

7. An Alien

Forget your silly human costumes, earthlings, because I have something much more special for you. This iridescent alien costume is super simple but extremely chic and sexy. The headband antennae really make this costume pop and you’ll be getting compliments all night. If aliens looked as cute as this costume does, the universe would be an amazing place!

8. A Hippie

Don’t worry, be happy with our next sexy costume! Get out those old flower crowns you have from those awkward tween days and put them to good use! Don’t forget your tie-dyed t-shirt and peace sign accessories. You also can’t go wrong with some circle glasses or any accessories that speak to you. Peace out, friends!


9. The Incredibles

I can practically hear the theme song playing in the distance when I see this costume. All you really need is that well-known Incredibles logo on a t-shirt. The rest is up to you! Pair with a skirt or shorts, and don’t forget some shades to hide your identity! You’ll be the hero of any party you step in to.

10. A Mermaid

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I always dreamed of being a mermaid when I was little, and this costume could certainly make some dreams come true! You can’t go wrong with this super sexy look, no matter how you choose to rock it. Seashells are definitely a must, but other than that, wear what looks good to you! Pair with a sheer skirt and some glitter and you’re good to go!

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11. Elle Woods

Harvard Law School is suddenly in your future when wearing this next Halloween costume. Our Legally Blonde┬ástar Elle Woods would be proud of you for wearing this one. Not to mention, it’s also super cute. Grab anything and everything pink and voila! You’re suddenly a beloved movie character ready for her Halloween party.

12. A Maid

This super sexy costume should be at the top of your list this Halloween, and for good reason. It’s great because you don’t need any extra pieces that you’d have to buy, as you’ll most likely have a lot of the costume already sitting in your closet! Just grab anything black and add a white apron to complete the look!

13. The Spice Girls

Whether you’re doing a costume on your own or with your girl gang, you can’t go wrong with this costume! Plus, you won’t necessarily need to buy any extra pieces for this costume, either; you can just use what you have! The Spice Girls are a classic, and will surely be a hit at your Halloween party.


14. Sandy from Grease

There’s nothing sexier than the iconic Sandy “You’re the one that I want” look from Grease. And if you disagree, just try it out yourself! The leather pants and black off the shoulder top paired with bright red pumps is a timeless look that anyone could pull off. Curl your hair up real big, and no one will be able to take their eyes off you!

15. A Shark

Ready to put a little bit of spooky back into your Halloween costume again? This shark costume isn’t exactly your traditional witch or ghost costume, but can still give those that fear the ocean a real fright! Add some fake blood for effect, or even some matching shorts or a skirt! Fins up for this chic and sexy costume!

Do you see yourself rocking any of these sexy Halloween costumes this fall? Let us know in the comments what your favorites are!

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